Insight BI

Business Intelligence Module

CloudShell’s Insight Analytics Add-On provides real-time visibility
into lab activities and usage for managers. Insight is integrated with
CloudShell and TestShell to provide reports and dashboards for all activities.

InSight Features and Capabilities

Out-of-the-Box <br>Dashboards and Reports
Dashboards and Reports

Insight comes with a wide range of pre-built dashboards for managers. Insight comes with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for measuring and optimizing lab infrastructure utilization, tracking Sandbox usage, or getting real-time information about current development, test or other lab activities.

Extensible Business Intelligence solution
Extensible Business Intelligence solution

Insight BI Analytics is a full featured business intelligence database and reporting solution with a rich set of tools for adding dashboards and reports. Insight can even be integrated with third-party databases for analyzing CloudShell and TestShell data along with other datasets.

Deep Integration with CloudShell and TestShell
Deep Integration with CloudShell and TestShell

Insight is a powerful add-on to both CloudShell and TestShell. All data collected by CloudShell and TestShell is available in the Insight business intelligence database and
dashboards, and reports are available for key Sandbox and testing activities.