5 Best Cloud and DevOps Podcasts

Posted by admin October 4, 2017
5 Best Cloud and DevOps Podcasts

These days, commutes are getting longer and longer. In Silicon Valley where I work, even a short 10 miles drive can turn into a 40-minute slog. Or maybe your plane is stuck on a runway, or you've got time to kill waiting in line at Costco. Whatever it is - Podcasting can be your new friend. Over the last few years, I've discovered podcasting as an essential way to fill those otherwise dead times. Not only is it a way to catch up on all the latest fan theories for Game of Thrones, it's also a great way to brush up on all the latest IT tech and industry trends. Here are my 5 recommendations for the best cloud and DevOps podcasts. These great podcasts are related to all things cloud, DevOps, network, and emerging IT technologies. I can heartily recommend these as podcasts that are both engaging and highly educational.

The CloudCast

These guys have been going at it for a whopping 6 years! Aaron (NetApp) and Brian (RedHat) are great hosts - engaging and inquisitive. Each episode covers in-depth topics ranging from cloud automation, cloud architecture, devops, networking, containers, and tools. One thing that I love about this podcast is that they provide a wealth of helpful follow-up links after each episode. They'll reference white papers, videos, articles, and other podcasts that are related to topics covered in each show.

Another thing I appreciate about these guys is that they're genuinely trying to understand the landscape, get at fundamentals, and not just mouth off industry jargon. For example, a recent episode called "Making Sense of New Technologies" tries to do just that: make sense of all the new platforms, frameworks, and tools that make up today's rapidly changing technology landscape. They genuinely want to understand the technologies beneath the hype. Here are a some of my favorite episodes.

"Next Generation DevOps Tools" covers Ansible and how automation and orchestration tools are evolving from mere configuration management to offering infrastructure as code, while at the same time reducing complexity. "Evolving from Plumbers to Coders" is a great listen - it covers the topic of how DevOps and cloud are shifting everyone - IT admins to network engineers - from being CLI and tooling "plumbers" to true coders. "Large Scale Distributed Infrastructure" talks about Mesos and how Twitter is managing large-scale infrastructure. Lastly - "The Evolution of VARs in Cloud Computing" is an interesting earlier episode which discusses how WWT (World Wide Technology) is bringing more agility to how they sell cloud solutions through the development of their Advanced Technology Center.

Electric Cloud Podcast

Sure, it's a vendor podcast - but what I love about this podcast is how down to earth and informal it is - which creates an environment for very honest and enjoyable conversations about topics related to Continuous Delivery and DevOps. One of my favorite episodes - "Consistent Deployments Across Dev, Test, and Prod" - really gets into an honest of how hard and how critical it is to ensure environment constancy from development all the way into production.

Packet Pushers

Network engineers, carriers, and network equipment vendors will argue that the network *is* the cloud. Whether you agree or not, this network-centric and deeply technical podcast will teach you a lot about cloud and DevOps from a networking perspective. Host Greg Ferro is well known for his networking blog EtherealMind. What's nice here is that the hosts clearly identify which shows are vendor-sponsored.

Here are some suggested shows. "A Deep Dive into NFV" gives a good overview of what NFV is, how it's different than SDN, and why it's critical for cloud adoption. "Automation and Orchestration in Networking" is a great show because it talks about all the various automation and orchestration tools from Ansible & Puppet to OpenStack & Kubernetes, and discusses how the newer technologies will connect with older, legacy hosts. "SRE vs Cloud Native vs DevOps" is a great show to become familiarized with the term SRE (site reliability engineer) which is a term that comes out of Google and aims to put operations teams on an equal footing with developers.

Speaking in Tech (SiT)

This podcast is a bit more on the fun side and covers a broader range of topics that the other podcasts listed here. Greg Knieriemen (HDS), Ed Saipetch (Blue Box), Melissa Gurney (DellEMC), Peter Smallbone (Cloud Architect), Sarah Vela (Dell) do a great job covering a breath of topics with interesting perspectives. Show #230 is a good take on DevOps, with guest Gene Kim, author of the Phoenix Project.

The Doppler Cloud Podcast

Lastly, the Doppler Cloud Podcast covers all the latest cloud topics while taking an angle of helping traditional enterprises embrace the cloud. Some good recent episodes include "Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What's the Difference?", "Kubernetes Wins at Orchestration Engines", and "Edge Computing and How it Transforms Enterprises".

So put on your headphones and start listening! These podcasts will keep you up to speed on latest industry trends and genuinely teach you something new with every listen.