CiscoLive DevNet Zone Diary – Building IoT communities with cloud sandboxes!

Posted by admin July 11, 2016
CiscoLive DevNet Zone Diary – Building IoT communities with cloud sandboxes!

The weather was hot and sunny in Las Vegas for the first day of Cisco Live! Like all enterprises, Cisco is converting itself into a software company.
Cisco’s Developer network (DevNet) is transforming into a community for developers to work across an entire ecosystem of software tools and APIs. Susie Wee, CTO of DevNet, highlighted the growth of the developer community and highlighted the dramatic growth of APIs over the last several years.

Sunday was the day for learning and education.  I had the opportunity to participate in the DevNet “Tech Do-er’s” workshops where we road tested APIs for Spark and the IoT platform, Arduino.  But, the most fun part of the workshop was creating our own IoT sensors and programming them from our laptops.


What did I learn?  That pretty much any type of digital or analog device can be connected to a network and programmed intelligently.  This creates a huge need for APIs and common ways to programmatically control these devices.  It also creates a large amount of data.  But, perhaps the most enlightening aspect of programming sensors was the opportunity to use intelligent analytics to drive the inputs and outputs of IoT devices.  Getting your NEST thermostat to do smart things means making sense of its output data and using smart algorithms to optimize its operation given that sensor data.


I was left wondering how one tests and verifies their applications on IoT networks with many sensors.  Cisco DevNet provides a way to do that for their sensors and tools through Cisco DevNet Sandboxes, which are powered by Quali.  Users can get free access to DevNet Sandboxes through  The Sandboxes provide all the software, interfaces, and hardware needed to test and validate IoT solutions based on Cisco products.

To learn more about Cisco Sandboxes and DevNet, check out the DevNet Zone inside “The Hub” at cisco Live!

To see Quali Cloud Sandboxes in action for a variety of other use cases, check out the demos at Quali’s booth (#3342) at CiscoLive.