DevNet zone diary – A bike ride to collect data on cloud sandboxes

Posted by admin July 12, 2016
DevNet zone diary – A bike ride to collect data on cloud sandboxes

Day 2 of CiscoLive was all about networks – I know, what a shock!  But, what was it about networks was hot?  Collecting data about the network, analytics on data to find network problems, and tying all of this to the applications that are driving the network.

One presenter from cisco asked the audience “how many times have you heard that the network is broken”, and there was a lot of laughter and rolling of eyes.  This is because the audience of network engineers all knew that the problem may or not be about the network being broken, but the problem certainly can’t be found and fixed unless it can be tied to application activity.  Cisco presented the answer in the form of their new products for network data collection and machine learning based analytics.

But enterprises cannot afford to wait for these application-based failures to happen in production.  While machine learning analytics to find application/network interaction failures is great, it means that the failure has already happened and the enterprise is already losing business.  In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of post-failure analytics.

Prevention can come in the form of Cloud Sandboxes, where any enterprise can test new applications and new network architectures safely long before production.  In a sandbox, users can create real-life traffic conditions, configure real network configurations, and run real applications – all with complete automation.  And, by the way, they could also collect data and analyze it.   Why wait for production?

And, because every blog needs a picture, here is a great picture of me on a bike, generating lots of data that is being collected in a cisco DevNet Sandbox (aka Quali Cloud Sandbox) and reported back to me.

That data is also triggering alerts and earning me a “virtual badge”.  Thank god that didn’t happen in production!