DevNet Zone Diary – Recognition of Sandboxes

Posted by admin July 14, 2016
DevNet Zone Diary – Recognition of Sandboxes

Day 3 at CiscoLive was a day of recognition of Sandboxes.  The day started with a visit by the CEO of Cisco to our booth.  Cisco – powered by Quali Sandboxes!  It was a great opportunity for us to tell him about all of our successes within Cisco – from their global partner enablement (DevNet), to IT, to their network labs.

But the real highlight for me was our discussions with all of the engineers and developers who stopped by our booth.  They really highlighted the need for Sandboxes as a way to automate the creation of real production environments for use as early in the development cycle as possible.

This was articulated best by Damon Edwards in this DevOps talk about how to bring operations groups into DevOps.  He described one of the key steps that companies can implement to move toward full continuous delivery as turning things that functional groups have traditionally provided into services that all functional groups can use.  He highlighted four key capabilities that need to be turned into services:

  1. Environment as a Service (aka Cloud Sandboxes)
  2. QA/Test as a service
  3. Monitoring as a Service
  4. Security as a service


He identified these service offerings as capabilities that should be used throughout the development process as well as in production operations.

DevOps is a journey for every company and as we have talked to organizations, we have found that they are in all different parts of that journey.  For some, Environment as a Service starts as Lab as a Service and evolves to sandboxes for developers and testers.  Putting these basic automation services in place is beneficial at any stage of Devops maturity.