Test Automation / Operation Automation. Utilization of OSS ・ Cloud platform construction. Network design. Adoc International Co., Ltd. is an ICT producing company established in 1990 with solutions essential for the future of ICT, such as visualizing and improving the quality of operations and quality. CloudShell implementation services provide technologies and ideas in all aspects, such as infrastructure construction using PoC and L1 switches, and cloud environment utilization. Also, after the introduction, we support the technology and operations required for CloudShell utilization, such as CloudShell knowledge training and on-site support.

Phoenix Datacom located in the UK plays a key role helping major organisations to build, validate and optimise their networks and data centres, secure their most critical information and make sure their systems are ready and capable of delivering new, mission-critical services and applications.

Phase Pacific, based in Australia, is a supplier of leading test solutions for the Telecom and IT market. The four key pillars in which Phase Pacific focuses includes: Network Visibility and Switching, Network Insight and Analysis, Lab Management and Test Automation and Network Validation.

SQC, based in Tokyo, was established in 1995 as a first software testing service provider in Japan, and mainly have been providing sophisticated System Quality Consulting Service and Testing service to electronics manufactures and enterprise business application developer among global software development trend. SQC is a reseller of Quali since 2009, and believes that the TestShell Framework must be adapted to ‘Japanese Quality’ business delivery.

Delo Group, based in Italy, has been on the Italian market for over 30 years and deals with product marketing, services and solutions for test measurements. The companies which make up the Delo Group are constantly evolving, supported by their expertise and a constant pursuit for innovative technological solutions. They are offering to their customers the best solutions, complementing the products with professional value added services.

The golden rule of Delo Group is our full customer support which accounts for a continuous and trustworthy relationship with our customers, pooled by our collaborators always willing to provide the most reliable and exhaustive technical or commercial information.

MANTICA, based in Spain, provides Testing & QA solutions and services for the TELECOM sector, articulating a compelling TaaS offering. We work with operators, service providers, network infrastructure vendors and system integrators, providing managed testing service as an independent verification covering the entire testing lifecycle or managing discreet components like User Acceptance Testing (UAT) or pre-live integration certification.

Saros Technology, based in the UK, is an engineering led sales organisation delivering high quality software, support and training. Our products enable electronics manufactures to lower design, development and test costs whilst also reducing time to market through improved efficiencies.

Mimetrix--no-regMimetrix Technologies is focused on providing creative, engineered solutions in Network Monitoring, Packet Capture, Auditing, Emulation and In-Depth Metrics as well as Network Testing and Lab Automation. Mimetrix is principally committed to providing system-level solutions based on current and next generation protocols, interfaces and technologies including SONET/SDH/OTN, 1/10/40/100 GIG Ethernet Monitoring and Testing solutions.

World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT) is an award-winning Systems Integrator that provides innovative technology products, services and supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers around the globe. WWT brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations evaluate, architect and implement technology.  WWT offers Quali’s full product line to its customers, and also uses CloudShell to automate its Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

InfoSiftr is a Docker, Inc. premier solutions provider and offers professional and programming services to provide custom-built solutions for their clients’ needs. InfoSiftr has been a long-term supporter of the Docker Open Source project. Team member, Tianon Gravi, SVP of Operations serves on the Docker Open Source Advisory Board and also works on the open source project as one of the core maintainers. The InfoSiftr team are leading experts in Docker technology, and by leveraging their client-centered approach, InfoSiftr delivers results in the near term and helps lay the foundation for scaling – future successes. Additionally, InfoSiftr is a certified training partner of Docker, Inc. for Docker solutions and services, offering private, in-house corporate training programs along with integration consulting solutions.