Quali Chalk Talk Session 02 – Sandboxes and Hybrid Clouds

Posted by admin October 14, 2016
Quali Chalk Talk Session 02 – Sandboxes and Hybrid Clouds

Join our Webinar - "Datacenter to Hybrid Cloud" - on Nov 2nd to learn how cloud sandboxes can make your transition to hybrid cloud a success.

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Quali is excited to bring you another Quali Chalk Talk Session. Quali's Chalk Talk Sessions aim to give you a deeper technical understanding of Cloud Sandboxes, how Quali's sandbox software integrates with other DevOps tools, how sandboxes relate to DevOps and Cloud technologies, and provide tips and tricks on how you can use Sandboxes to deliver apps and infrastructure faster. We hope these sessions help you on your DevOps Journey!

In this session we'll join Dan Michlin, Solution Architect at Quali, as he talks about the benefits of using sandboxes for hybrid cloud deployments.

And, to learn more about how to make your hybrid cloud deployment a success, register for our webinar on November 2nd at 10 AM Pacific -- and, for those in Europe, on November 9th at 9 AM GMT.