Self-Service IT Environments at VMworld 2017!

Posted by admin August 26, 2017
Self-Service IT Environments at VMworld 2017!

Vegas here we come! It's the end of summer and still sunny in Las Vegas, which means it's time for another VMworld. The Quali team will be out in force, ready to talk all things cloud, automation, and what the "as-a-service model" means for modernizing IT.

When you visit our booth you'll:

  • Learn how providing self-service, on-demand access to IT environments on public and private cloud makes the lives of developers, testers, DevOps engineers, security teams, and other key IT users way, way easier!
  • Learn why effective self-service IT needs to deploy apps and VMs across public and private clouds as well as the power to provision both virtual and bare-metal infrastructure.
  • See how Quali's self-service IT software (CloudShell) allows you to easily model and deploy complex, full-stack application and IT environments for a multitude of use cases.
  • See how Quali's BI plugin (InSight) gives IT Ops the ability to plan effectively, manage better, and reduce costs.
  • See Live Demos of Quali's new CloudShell 8.1 and CloudShell VE releases

So come join us at booth #1821 to meet some great people, grab t-shirts, stickers, and other fun swag, catch a live demo, as well as enter our Cloud & DevOps drawing for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

In the meantime - watch the demo video introducing CloudShell VE.

See you soon!