Quick Takes from Qualians

Date Posted: 11.16.21
Read Time: 3 min

Hilla Goldenberg, DevOps Team Lead

Q: Which path did you take in life to become a Dev-Ops team lead? 

A: Since high school, I have always felt connected to computers and technology. Before my military service, I was in a female empowerment course that wanted to encourage girls to work in technology and felt like it was the right place for me. In the army, I explored the world of software and technology, as well as the world of training. Prior to my officer course graduation, my father passed away and this was my trigger to become an independent woman and start studying computer science and developing a technology career. I began studying in night school for a degree in computer science while working in the Ministry of Defense and later in the prime minister’s office.  

Q: What are your beliefs when it comes to working? 

A: I believe that in order to be the best team lead possible, one needs to know the basics. We need to break the glass ceiling of women in tech and encourage women to study and engage in technological professions. 

Q: Why Quali? 

A: For me, Quali is the perfect workplace. I think that Quali’s technologies are advanced, and I learn more every day. I love waking up in the morning and coming to the office because I feel that my mind is always stimulated, and I have lots of good challenges while working. I feel very connected to my team. I know that I can comfortably ask anything, and that my team will always help and give me the right pieces of advice. I joined Quali not only because of the advanced technologies but, most importantly, I joined because of the atmosphere and the people. 

The interview process was so welcoming and professional. I felt that the biggest difference between Quali and many other companies is the atmosphere and the people. The way that I can work in a hybrid model and have a balance between work and personal life is amazing. I also love all of the fun and great benefits I have as an employee at Quali. I even get to bring my dog to the office!