The environment complexity challenge resonates at DevOpsCon Berlin

Posted by admin June 27, 2017
The environment complexity challenge resonates at DevOpsCon Berlin

I wanted to share my insights from DevOpsCon 2017, which took place in mid-June in Berlin. It was an excellent conference, with a lot of energy in the air. There were many people attending this year - the place was packed. I understood from one of the organizers that attendance doubled compared to last year, and the trend seems set to continue.

Most attendees came from German companies, but there was a fair participation from Nordic countries and eastern Europe. From the interactions I had with people, I noticed that while some were members of dedicated DevOps teams in their organization, the majority of participants still handle DevOps tasks as part of their other Development content.

We had several enterprises come up to share their DevOps journeys. What struck out strongly was the fact that almost all of them were expressing the complexity of setting up environments for DevOps, causing them delays. This was particularly acute in Enterprises with on-premise deployments and where they owned their data centers and had built up application stacks over the years. The dependency between infrastructure automation and application agility was on display there. Quali’s ability to quickly standardize environments via blueprints, model and deploy was fully resonating with this audience.

Our CMO Shashi Kiran also delivered a session on the top barriers Enterprises face on their path to deploying DevOps and he set the tone for best practices within the organization as well as a prescriptive approach to smoothening out those barriers. A houseful audience appreciated these tips based on a global survey conducted by Quali

After two days, I left the conference highly energized and with a big smile. I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot,  and can’t wait to be here next year again.

This week our team is having a vibrant presence at Cisco Live in Las Vegas. Do visit them in booth #416 – they have some cool demos around cloud sandboxes and its applicability to deliver on-demand, self-service environments for a variety of different use-cases. Don’t miss out some of the cool swags that are only available at the Quali booth as well as our 2017 Cloud and DevOps survey.