[WEBINAR] Demystifying DevOps – A Practitioner’s perspective

Posted by Pascal Joly September 9, 2016
[WEBINAR] Demystifying DevOps – A Practitioner’s perspective

There's a lot of buzz around DevOps today. Gartner says that it will evolve from being a niche area to something that 25% of the mainstream Global 2000 organizations.   IT professionals across various groups are giving the call to action to their fellow peers in the organization to start engaging and exploring. I found this blog by Johan Steyn to be quite interesting. We frequently see a tremendous amount of interest in this topic and a lot of questions. There is a great interest from organizations worldwide to learn more about DevOps concepts. At some point, there's only so much that one can learn from books and webinars. To truly practice something, it is important to roll up the sleeves and dive in. Get the hands and knees dirty. See what works. And what doesn't.

At the same time, it is  important to not re-invent the wheel. As a few wise men have said, life is too short to make all the mistakes ourselves. We need to learn from other's mistakes.

At Quali, we have made our share of mistakes. And we're not shy about sharing them, so others don't need to repeat them. When it comes to embracing DevOps within your organization, it is important to realize that it is not an on/off switch. It will be a journey. The more you can learn about the pitfalls and best practices the better your organization is in a position optimize around them and customize it for your teams and their workflows.

We see a pattern in the questions we receive -

  • What should I do to start my DevOps journey?
  • Is DevOps applicable to smaller engineering organizations?
  • What are the top use-cases for DevOps?
  • Will it have an impact on people and our organizational culture?

We decided to tackle a few of the above questions and share the trials and tribulations of our own journey as we went from a non-DevOps organization to an organization that is further down the line after 2-3 years of trying various things out. Our resident geeks - Joan Wrabetz, CTO and Edan Evantal decided to break down the journey so far into discrete learning steps and put it into the open.

Join me as I probe Joan and Edan on demystifying DevOps and getting a practitioner's perspective.

Register HERE we have two broadcasts across two time zones on September 14 and 15th. Bring your questions - we'll have experts standing by to answer questions.

For attendees, we're also giving away a great e-book - " The Phoenix Project" - a Novel about IT, DevOps and Helping your Business Win. An excellent companion to the webinar to start your DevOps Journey on the right footing.The-Phoenix-Project-721