What QualiSystem-QualiTest partnership means for NFV orchestration

Posted by admin March 5, 2015
What QualiSystem-QualiTest partnership means for NFV orchestration

Partnerships around network functions virtualization have been big so far in 2015, as telcos and technology organizations both look to transition from legacy networks to SDN/NFV orchestration and build agile development/testing processes. For example, Orange recently teamed up with Nokia to explore virtualization in IP Multimedia Core Subsystem (IMS). Similarly, Juniper Networks and Canonical have collaborated on an Ubuntu Linux- and OpenStack-based solution, called Contrail Cloud Platform, to help carriers accelerate their cloud deployments.

QualiSystems-QualiTest partnership pairs leading network orchestration and testing methodologies
QualiSystems has also been at the forefront of this shift to SDN, NFV and cloud management platforms. We recently partnered up with QualiTest, one of the world's largest independent software testing and quality assurance companies, on solutions for infrastructure testing and SDN and NFV automation. The partnership utilizes two core QualiSystems offerings:

  • CloudShell: A network orchestration and cloud management platform for enabling DevOps innovation, CloudShell is equally adept at automating legacy, physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, using its object-based architecture and intuitive design. It facilitates sustainable automation for engineering teams as well as non-programmers.
  • TestShell: TestShell can be tightly integrated with CloudShell, so that its test and continuous integration automation suites along with live testbed environments created in CloudShell can be precisely coordinated. This arrangement allows for continuous network certification cycles, more optimal coverage and throughput, and cloud-based certification suites that can be used to standardize quality beyond the boundaries of the telco to its vendor ecosystem.

By adding QualiTest's leading NFV test methodologies and services capabilities, this partnership will facilitate superior network efficiency for service providers through up to 80 percent automation of key test areas. QualiTest already works with the top SDN and NFV vendors and has honed its test practices to minimize overhead and maximize scalability.

NFV orchestration has become a priority for service providers.NFV orchestration has become a priority for service providers.

Innovation in NFV orchestration at the right time
As noted earlier, it's a pivotal time for NFV orchestration as service providers and their equipment suppliers look for a sensible path toward cloud and network infrastructure that supports agile dev/test and deployment to compete in an increasingly challenging market. NFV makes the transition possible by moving functions away from proprietary appliances to white box hardware, with the crucial change of situating network control within intelligent software.

"QualiSystems and QualiTest have built a bridge from old to new."

"For communication service providers, [NFV orchestration] capabilities are crucial at a time when trends like mobility, big data social networks and cloud computing are increasing the demand from customers for more services," noted Jeffrey Burt in a column for eWEEK. "With a more dynamic network, service providers can not only create new services more quickly - in hours instead of weeks or months - to meet demand and improve customer experience, but also can expand their revenue streams. Having a solution that enables them to orchestrate these network services in an NFV or hybrid environment will be increasingly important for telecommunications companies."

Orchestrating telecom environments is challenging, given their complexity, age and multi-vendor design. By cloud-enabling and automating the development and test infrastructure and process, a cloud automation platform like CloudShell can enable service providers to build agile methodology to take the greatest advantage of newly programmable SDN and NFV architectures.

Practically speaking, the reason why the combination of QualiSystems' test and cloud automation along with QualiTest services makes sense is that while all service providers at this point know that they must go on a journey towards agile, continuous and DevOps practice, they may not have the bandwidth to develop the methodology and drive the implementation of this practice without significant assistance. The combination of expertise and solutions between QualiSystems and QualiTest provides the help needed to get on a sustainable path toward these new practices.

The takeaway: QualiSystems and QualiTest have partnered on cloud automation and infrastructure testing for NFV. Service providers are becoming increasingly committed to SDN and NFV as they grapple with transforming both their networks and their processes into agile vehicles for competitiveness and growth.  The pairing of QualiSystems' CloudShell and TestShell solutions with QualiTest's testing methodologies gives carriers the technology, expertise and assistance needed to help them succeed in achieving that goal.