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DevOps Advocate

Israel, Petah Tikva

About The Position

At Quali, the Infrastructure at Scale company, we enable software and operations engineers to build and operate amazing products, without breaking a sweat. How, you ask? By providing a complete self-serve, on-demand, infrastructure orchestration platform that helps them out: reducing the infrastructural complexity, increasing the engineering velocity and helps the operations engineer to focus on what really matters. For that, we crafted our very own solution, CloudShell.

We love engineers. We speak their language, feel their pain and aim to make their day-to-day lives better. As a result, we believe that in order to continue to make our product as awesome as we believe it is, we’re building our own very community for the engineers to discuss, share thoughts and contribute back to improve our core product.

We’re looking for an experienced and passionate DevOps Advocate to join our Community Group within Quali, work alongside our engineers and our community and take a leading role in advocating our platform within the large DevOps ecosystem. Help to spread the word about the value of Environment-as-a-Service concept. Write code samples, blog posts, talk in conferences, contribute back to open-source projects. You’re an engineer in your soul with a passion about advocating technology to build better products.

What’s in it for me, you ask?

  • Take a leading role in making all of that happen, and when we say leading role, we really mean it. You’ll have the opportunity to join a fresh and young initiative within Quali and be a major stakeholder on how we build our community and product brand awareness. From scratch.
  • We’re a technological company, and that’s our core business. You’ll be joining a company that focuses on sole area: making the DevOps ecosystem better.
  • You’ll be part of our extended product team and have direct impact on the vision, roadmap and design of the product.
  • Work alongside great people and brilliant engineers that you’ll learn from and enjoy having random conversations about technology and product.


  • Be the first ever DevOps advocate in Quali!
  • Create and scope technical content (code samples, blog posts, meetup/conference lectures).
  • Provide technical solutions based on CloudShell product with the modern DevOps ecosystem tools.
  • Initiate and organize meetups; Talk in conferences and participate in other activities to accelerate product awareness and the value of the platform.
  • Be a part of our extended product team and collaborate with the product, marketing and strategy teams to influence our product roadmap and vision.
  • Push Quali’s engineering brand awareness and initiate and review publications written by our engineers to different media sources.


  • Vast experience in product development and infrastructure development as a Software Engineer / DevOps engineer or related positions.
  • Expertise with the DevOps ecosystem, familiarity with the modern tools and their usage (e.g. K8s, Terraform/Pulumi/IaC, Consul, Vault, GitLab, etc).
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills (native English level).
  • A true passion for infrastructure, operations and engineering efficiency.
  • Active GitHub account / Technical blog / Public speaking experience.

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