AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability

AI + Environment Automation = the PB + J of Observability

January 22, 2020 - January 22, 2020

Monitoring is a core Ops/SRE responsibility. If you operate an environment, you need to monitor it—this is Ops 101. But when releasing faster, monitoring the continuous output of code and infrastructure changes grows more challenging. Emerging technologies in AIOps and environment automation make it possible for Ops Engineers/SREs to take the practice to the next level; when paired together, they efficiently connect observability with DevOps—increasing speed without losing control.

Join Maya Ber Lerner, CTO at Quali, and Dror Mann, VP Product at Loom Systems, in this fireside chat and demo as they reveal strategies for:

-Connecting monitoring data to continuous delivery through Environment as a Service
-Using AI to intelligently interpret data
-Achieving stronger product reliability and accountability without slowing down innovation

Maya Ber Lerner, CTO, Quali and Dror Mann, VP Product, Loom Systems

When: Jan 22 10:00 pm, 2020

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