San Jose DevOps Meetup

San Jose DevOps Meetup

November 14, 2016
SVG Innovation Center, 189 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA

Come hear Quali’s CTO – Joan Wrabetz – talk about DevOps experiences and best practices. Joan will share lessens learned from Quali’s own DevOps journey as well as industry insights.

Hear Quali discuss these topics now by listening to our recent webinar: De-Mystifying DevOps!

Topics that Joan will address during the upcoming DevOps Meetup include:

  • What are factors that trigger the DevOps journey
  • What tools, processes, and technologies help DevOps
  • How Quali’s tools and processes have evolved to address our challenges
  • Top DevOps use cases and benefits
  • Feedback from our customers
  • Where the industry is evolving and how we’re helping companies get there

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