10 Opinions on Software Scene in 10 Years

10 Opinions on Software Scene in 10 Years

January 12, 2016

Joan Wrabetz, CTO, QualiSystems: “I really hope that software quality will improve, but I have little hope. It has been 30 years since Deming’s quality principles came to software and there has been little adoption and little improvement in software quality since. The market is doing this all over again with Lean and Agile programming. But frankly, the same mistakes are being made – lack of serious measurement, poor customer input, poor coding practices – to name a few. We have hundreds of new programming languages, but none of them are really built to improve quality. I still sit with my Mac on which Microsoft Outlook crashes multiple times a day. And, no offense, but automatically sending an “error report” doesn’t seem to have helped software vendors to solve problems any better either. There is a reason that the degree is called “computer science.” We need to start treating programming and software development as a science and not an art.”

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