Bold Moves of Software’s Biggest Disrupters

Bold Moves of Software’s Biggest Disrupters

December 15, 2015

Joan Wrabetz, CTO for QualiSystems, disagrees with Malachowski’s opinion of Dell. She says we’ll “see little or nothing of interest from Dell as they try to digest EMC and VMware while struggling under a huge debt load.”

Joan Wrabetz at QualiSystems also believes Google was the most disruptive company in 2015, specifically for its big push with the Google Cloud Platform, joining the OpenStack consortium and adoption of Docker containers and developing Kubernetes for container management.

She differentiates actions of Google and Amazon in the way Google started in 2015 “talking publicly about what they are doing internally to develop more capabilities in their cloud. This is something that is markedly missing from Amazon, though I think that Amazon is also quite disruptive in their inexorable continuous additions of capability to AWS.”

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