Alarm system manufacturer Crow to deploy QualiSystems automated test management system at its new plant in Italy

July 26, 2012

Crow, a veteran manufacturer of advanced alarm systems, is expanding its operations in the European market, and establishing its first manufacturing plant in the region. The new plant, to be built in Italy, will deploy the TestShell Framework from QualiSystems to manage automated testing of 100% of Crow developed systems before their release to the market.

Deployment of the system in Italy is expected within several months, with the completion of a process designed to meet the needs of the European market, which constitutes the largest share of Crow's revenues.
Crow has been developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced alarm systems since 1978, and manages ODM projects for leading international vendors including Tyco, Securitas, Siemens and others, in Israel, Europe, South America, the United States and the Far East. The company had already successfully deployed TestShell test automation software at its manufacturing plants in Israel back in 2007.

The QualiSystems TestShell system for test and lab automation enables Crow's quality-control engineers at the production lines, to fully automate functional quality tests. The leap from manual to automated testing enabled Crow to perform more tests, in a shorter time, to speed up time to market, and to reduce operational costs. TestShell's flexible UI enables the test engineers to easily integrate with any required software or hardware device in Crow's testing environment, including self-developed testing devices, existing range of testing equipment, and other related software, as necessary.

Using TestShell, Crow's testing process is completely transparent to its management and business partners at all times. Once testing is complete, a detailed report is issued specifying the parameters used for testing, how many times each product was tested, which tests were repeated, etc. Over and above the reliability that such transparency offers Crow's partners, TestShell helps to significantly reduce the number of defective products released to market, and associated costs this would incur.

TAriel Kuperman, COO at QualiSystems: "Since Crow deployed TestShell and advanced from manual to automated testing, its QA team's achievements have been very impressive. Use of TestShell has led to 40% faster test execution, and to a 30% - 60% increase in the testing coverage of each product. We are pleased to accompany a longtime customer like Crow, at its new plant as well, and to contribute to its anticipated success in Italy.

Michael Lerman, Chief Compliance and Automation at Crow: "We specialize in the development of security products, and consequently, we have a strict requirement that each released product will be of the highest quality. Every single item that rolls off the production line undergoes testing, without exception. TestShell enables us to perform 80% to 95% of all possible tests on each product - and that's a very impressive coverage. We are certain that the deployment of the system in Italy as well will enable us to be more efficient, and to release top quality products to market, in shorter timeframes and at a lower cost."