CGS Tower Networks smart matrix integration with Quali CloudShell

June 6, 2017

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, June 5, 2017 -- CGS Tower Networks, a market leader in next generation NPB (Network Packet Broker) appliances that are deployed on Top-Of-Rack switches and powerful servers, today announced the general availability of its smart matrix solution and integration with Quali CloudShell. The solution enables the automation of large scale test environments by enhancing capacities and streamlining test processes, resulting in superior QA, improved time to market and significant cost reduction in test equipment.

The Integration of CGS Smart Matrix with CloudShell allows QA teams to enhance the test environments with additional test generation ports and capacities, new and modern network interfaces, and remote configuration of test-bed scenarios without the need for complex cabling.

According to Mr. Shashi Kiran, Quali CMO, “We are pleased to see this integration of the CGS Tower Networks Smart Matrix with Quali CloudShell. This will go a long way in delivering the value of automated, self-service labs to our joint customers. The ability to automate physical networks and infrastructure, cabling sandboxes in the physical layer, without laborious manual intervention makes Dev/Teams more productive and agile, allowing them to accelerate delivery timelines in a cost-effective manner without impacting quality.”

“As a former VP of engineering that managed large R&D teams across 3 continents, I am familiar with QA challenges” says Shlomo Gurfinkel, CGS Tower founder and CEO. “The Smart Matrix solutions we announced today, as well as the integration with Quali CloudShell, is a game changer in QA processes. The ease of use of the CloudShell allows companies to build efficient test automation environments and release high quality products, at reduced 'time to market' while controlling QA costs” adds Gurfinkel.

The Smart Matrix is based on CGS packet brokers NPB-I and NPB-II that provide the following enhancements and benefits:

  • Many-to-Any replication to generate high capacity traffic
    • Aggregate 4x10G tester ports to create 40G test-bed
    • Aggregate 10x10G tester ports to create 100G test-bed
  • Any-to-Many forwarding to duplicate tester traffic
    • Increase number of test ports
    • Identify test-bed traffic with VLAN tags
  • Multiple Interfaces and conversion options
    • Support a wide range of interfaces: SM, MM, DAC, QSFP28
    • Test modern and high capacity rates (25G, 40G, 100G)
  • Streamline QA processes
    • Remotely configure test-bed scenarios
    • Avoid bottlenecks by increasing number of test-bed ports
  • Reduce QA costs
    • Leverage legacy test equipment
    • Defer investment in high cost 25G, 40G and 100G test bed
    • Add dozens of test-beds at a fraction of the cost

Additional Resources:

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About CGS Tower Networks

CGS provides network visibility solutions that are critical for Cyber Security and network performance monitoring deployments, while providing superior performance and reducing costs and complexity. The solutions resolve the two top network issues – network blind spots, that could be the source of a cyber breach, and network congestion that over utilizes the tools to the point where they don’t have enough resources to get the job done. By aggregating, filtering and load balancing network traffic, CGS Tower Network appliances minimize cyber security and application performance risks and maximize return on infrastructure investments.

CGS Tower Networks is the only company that provides high-end network visibility appliances with unparalleled density and performance at an affordable price.
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About Quali

Quali is the leading provider of enterprise sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation. With its flagship CloudShell platform, Quali's blueprint based approach and cloud sandboxes give developers, testers and architects access to replicas of complex production environments that work on private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. The Global 100 and beyond, including cloud providers, service providers and enterprises, depend on Quali to help them deliver their products and services to market faster with better quality and reduced costs. More information is available at

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