Mantica IMSAgent integration with Quali CloudShell

May 22, 2018

Mantica Solutions, a market leader in IMS network testing and lab automation, today announced the Mantica IMSAgent integration with Quali CloudShell. The solution enables the automation of large-scale test environments by enhancing capacities and streamlining test processes, resulting in superior QA, improved time to market and significant cost reduction in test equipment.

The Integration of Mantica IMSAgent with CloudShell allows QA teams to enhance the test environments with additional VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS test generation, new and modern  interfaces between test equipments, and remote configuration of test-bed scenarios without the need for complex device management.

Deployment of IMSAgent in multiple instances or locations can be achieved by connecting Quali CloudShell with Mantica Orchestrator Centre (MOC), orchestrator can handle thousands of Mantica agents distributed across the same and different countries. Another option can be carried out by connecting Quali CloudShell with multiple Quali CloudShell Execution Servers, these physical or virtual servers can support one or more Mantica IMSAgent Universal Devices.

Mantica IMSAgent provides the following enhancements and benefits:

  • Comprehensive predefined set of test cases, ready to use, for every different area related to VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS.
  • Real-time upload of test results, network traces and audio captures.
  • Powerful analytics able to correlate information from different domains and also discard non-qualified results. Providing immediate alerts and insights on real, user experiences.
  • Modern visualization framework which integrates test results with passive signalling analysis.
  • Automation and management features like inventory, reservations, 24/7 scheduling, role-based access control, conflict resolution, and business intelligence.
  • Software-based, delivered as a cloud-based managed service, or operator-owned solution, with our engineers able to assist with issue diagnosis and troubleshooting.

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 About Mantica Solutions

Mantica Solutions provides network testing and monitoring solutions that are critical for service assurance and network performance monitoring deployments while providing superior performance and reducing costs and complexity.
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