Quali Announces University Program to Accelerate Training for Customers and Channel Partners

February 27, 2018

Quali Announces University Program to Accelerate Training for Customers and Channel Partners

Self-Paced Learning Portal Delivers Structured Courses and Assessments for CloudShell Blueprint Designers and Admins; Augments Classroom Training

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 27, 2018 -- Quali, the leader in sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation, today announced Quali University – a learning portal designed for customers and partners to gain comprehensive knowledge of the complete CloudShell platform. With the increased adoption of Quali CloudShell in Global 1,000 enterprises and service providers, the number of users within enterprise and service provider organizations is rapidly growing.

Quali University augments current on-site and in-person training to offer up courses that participants could learn at their own pace and time - quickly coming up to speed on CloudShell basics, or more advanced administrative configurations depending on the role they play in the organization.

"Quali University provides a great online training experience,” said Ziv Cohen, Director of ITC environments at LGI. “It has helped our teams get up to speed quickly and allowed us to realize fast time-to-value with CloudShell."

The Quali CloudShell platform is a strategic asset for organizations to drive digital automation initiatives, taking a blueprint driven approach to quickly spin-up complex IT environments in a matter of minutes on-premise, or on any cloud.

The current version provides the following modular courses for participants:

  • CloudShell 101: A quick and easy introduction to CloudShell allowing participants to learn basic concepts including blueprints, shells and application environments.
  • CloudShell for Blueprint designers: Learn how to create a catalog of on-demand sandbox environments for various activities such as test and development, demos, training and support.
  • CloudShell for Administrators: Learn how to configure and administer CloudShell’s deployment, to allow blueprint designers to create blueprint catalogs and end users to consume sandboxes.

Quali channel partners can leverage the Quali University courses globally to quickly bring their sales team up to speed and to have consistent knowledge dissemination practices. Quali CloudShell customers and partners who have undergone on-site classroom training can leverage Quali University courses to refresh their learning and re-train themselves, especially as new enhancements get delivered by CloudShell.

"Quali University provides an immersive online training experience; it has helped our teams come to speed very quickly and allowed us to realize fast time to value with CloudShell,” said Hason Birol, Senior Product Manager at Phoenix Datacom.

“We’re pleased to offer this program so our customers and channel partners can experience the full capabilities of CloudShell at their own pace in a consistent manner,” said Shashi Kiran, CMO at Quali. “Quali has invested significant resources to simplify and structure these courses to allow organizations to disseminate their knowledge in a standardized manner, and over time, set the foundation for certification tracks. These will supplement our on-site and in-person classroom training offerings which continue to be in-demand with both customers and partners.”

Quali customers can use these courses to quickly train their blueprint designers, administrators and instructors in a consistent manner - standardizing knowledge dissemination in a scalable way across their local or global organization. They can use Quali University to augment on-site, in-person training as well as knowledge refreshment anytime new innovations are introduced.

In addition to video courses, Quali University includes:

  • Knowledge assessment tests to qualify understanding
  • Tracking and reporting to verify student learning, progress, competition status and grades
  • Visual cataloging for easy click-and-learn navigation

Quali University is currently available as a Beta version and is free for a limited period of time. During this trial period, customers and channel partners will have unlimited access to the course material and will be able to access the portal with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities using their Quali login and password.

Quali University can be accessed via: quali.com/university.

About Quali

Quali is the leading provider of enterprise sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation. With its flagship CloudShell platform and blueprint-based approach, Quali gives Dev/Test teams, sales and support professionals, as well as architects, access to on-demand, self-service replicas of complex production environments that work on private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Cloud Providers, Telco, Technology Vendors and Enterprises, and several Fortune 500 and Global 100 customers use Quali software to innovate faster, increase productivity and deliver their products and services to market faster with higher quality and reduced costs. More information about Quali is available at www.quali.com.

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