Quali Cloud Sandbox Software Honored with Best of VMworld 2016 Finalist Award for Agility and Automation

September 7, 2016

Quali CloudShell Software Accelerates Critical Elements of the DevOps and BizOps Lifecycle

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Quali, the leading Cloud sandbox software for DevOps automation, announced today that it was recognized with a Best of VMworld 2016 finalist award in the category of Agility and Automation in an overall field that included over 150 nominees vying for the Best of VMworld honors.

Today agility is all about the speed of innovation matching the speed of business. Automation especially in the context of DevOps and BizOps can help differentiate enterprises and provide a competitive edge to business.

In the fast growing field of orchestration, agility, and cloud management tools, Quali's CloudShell software was recognized as a unique and critical solution for organizations that want to speed their application releases and achieve DevOps agility. Quali cloud sandboxes provide heterogeneous support for any dev/test environment with physical and virtual infrastructure as well as applications allowing users to quickly build cloud sandboxes and rapidly automate their dev/test environments for the "full-stack."

"We are very excited to receive this honor. With businesses looking to embrace cloud, digitization and modern IT, it is important to have the right software and DevOps tools to make the change happen gracefully. While many products and services focus only on the production lifecycles or solely on virtualized solutions, this award recognizes Quali's unique ability to model and orchestrate full stack, sophisticated production-like environments for dev and test, speed CI/CD pipelines, and greatly simplify complex workflows benefiting all sorts of virtualization and cloud deployments," said Shashi Kiran, CMO of Quali.

CloudShell supports vCenter Versions 5.5 and 6.0. Through CloudShell's Application Deployment templates and deep integration with VMWare vCenter, VMWare VMs can be deployed in sandboxes, which greatly simplifies the management and deployment of dev/test environments on vCenter.

CloudShell's vCenter integration allows deployment, snapshot creation, and restoring VMWare VMs. It also includes networking support for allocating and configuring L2 VLANs that span across vSwitches and external networking equipment.

CloudShell's integration with vCenter gives IT teams the best solution for turning their dev/test infrastructure into on-demand, self-service, scalable clouds. CloudShell provides extensive support for vCenter customers to provision physical networking, storage devices, test equipment, and cloud resources, as well as inventory tracking, showback, and power management. In this way, vCenter customers can rely on Quali Cloud Sandboxes to expedite their DevOps lifecycle.

In addition to DevOps, Quali sandboxes also help deliver BizOps functions including scalable demos, proof of concepts, lab automation and training further contributing to automation and business agility.

Blog Link: http://www.quali.com/blog/quali-wins-best-vmworld-finalist-award-agility-automation/
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About Quali

Quali is the leading provider of Cloud Sandboxes for automating the DevOps lifecycle. We give innovators control over their world by enabling them to create personalized replicas of even the most complex production environments. The Global 100 and beyond including cloud providers, service providers and Enterprises depend on Quali to help them deliver their products and services to market faster with better quality and reduced costs.