Quali CloudShell 7.0 Helps Businesses Deliver Applications Faster with Powerful Sandboxing Features for Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Support

July 27, 2016

Quali Cloud Sandbox Software Allows Full-stack Application Blueprinting and Easy Integration with DevOps Tools

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 27, 2016 – Quali, the leading Cloud Sandbox software for DevOps automation, today announced the release of CloudShell 7.0 which introduces support for deploying applications into sandboxes and expands the Quali Developer Community to allow more rapid full-stack integrations with cloud and infrastructure resources.

CloudShell 7.0’s new application deployment feature allows developers to create application templates that can be deployed within sandboxes and which remain agnostic of where the application runs – whether datacenter, public or private cloud. Application stacks can be easily created and added to sandboxes without having to code, allowing rapid design and deployment of complex sandbox environments. CloudShell provides out of the box support for VMWare vCenter as well as support for AWS, OpenStack, and Docker in via the Quali community with Azure support forthcoming in a future release. In addition, advanced VLAN features make it easier to connect virtual and physical endpoints.

The Quali Developer Community has been expanded to include new standards for Shells, which are the building blocks for Sandboxes. The standards include sample code, templates and guidelines for creating new Shells, allowing rapid integrations with heterogeneous infrastructure and accelerating time to market. In addition, by leveraging a broad set of tool, cloud, and infrastructure integrations, the new Shell standards make it easy for developers to create and share Shells within the developer community.

With the 7.0 release, Quali’s Shells become Python-based and open sourced via GitHub. This gives Python programmers complete support to rapidly build, modify and extend Shells. Using Python and CloudShell’s object-based modelling rather than just scripts, developers can create more robust and reusable Shell integrations that include custom orchestration commands and metadata such as prerequisites, attributes, and policy data.

Quali CloudShell 7.0 features a new Sandbox API along with the Python API, enabling integration with DevOps tools like Jenkins and Jira, allowing sandboxes to be used in a fully automated DevOps workflow. In this way, CloudShell allows organizations to create full continuous integration and deployment processes that automate complex, hybrid, production-like sandbox environments.

“In today's application economy, every business is a software company, and Quali's support for full stack automation from applications to infrastructure to hybrid cloud in sandboxes is essential for speeding application delivery,” said William Fellows, Research Vice President of 451Research.

“We are continuously working to enable our customers to reproduce even the most complex infrastructure - from datacenter to public and hybrid clouds - in a sandbox,” said Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Quali. “Our new application support also means that customers can automate the creation of a full stack environment from network to applications for all of their DevOps activities.”

Quali CloudShell 7.0 Enterprise Edition is available immediately as a free upgrade for existing customers; Enterprise Edition is available for new users with subscription pricing starting at $30,000 per year plus $3000 per concurrent sandbox per year. In addition, the Free Developer Edition is available for immediate download  for registered users at the Quali community.


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