Phoenix Datacom & Quali to bring industry-leading automation & orchestration solutions to the UK

September 27, 2017

Phoenix Datacom & Quali to bring industry-leading automation & orchestration solutions to the UK

Quali CloudShell Platform delivers on-demand, self-service environments for labs, data centers and clouds to speed up enterprise digitization initiatives

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 27, 2017 -- Phoenix Datacom, the UK’s leading provider of services and solutions to improve security, network and application performance has announced its partnership with Quali, the industry leader in automation and orchestration software offering on-demand, self-service IT environments on any lab, data centre or cloud.

The partnership allows Quali and Phoenix Datacom to offer their shared customers the full breadth of CloudShell Automation software solutions. As Enterprises increasingly look to technology-led differentiation, digitisation initiatives are driving data centre and application modernisation, as well as move to cloud-based models to increase agility and reduce costs. Quali and Phoenix Datacom expect their solution and service differentiation to directly address this trend to help their Enterprise customers embrace digital disruption in a positive manner.

“Quali is excited to partner with Phoenix Datacom in the UK and Ireland to continue to address the digitisation needs of innovative Enterprise and Service Provider customers in the region. Phoenix Datacom brings deep expertise with services and solutions to improve the security and performance of data centres, networks and applications. Combining this with Quali best-in-class automation software and self-service environments is a win-win for all” said Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer for Quali.

Quali’s flagship CloudShell Pro and CloudShell Virtual Edition have several deployments in Europe with Telcos, Service Providers and large Enterprises. The relationship with Phoenix Datacom will help expand this footprint with an initial focus on Lab Environment Automation, DevOps and Continuous Testing as well as innovative Cyber Ranges for testing and training cyber security professionals with security environments.

“We have already helped Telcos and Network Equipment Manufacturers to virtualise their test resources – putting them online for use 24/7 regardless of user location,” said John Carson, Managing Director at Phoenix Datacom. “Now with Quali’s CloudShell software, we can bring similar efficiency gains to Engineers and Developers at Enterprises; by creating sandboxes that are replicas of infrastructure and application configurations and use them for development, testing, demos and training. We are therefore delighted to partner with Quali and add the high-value service wrap that customers have come to expect from Phoenix Datacom.”

CloudShell Pro provides full-stack, on-demand hybrid IT environments for software testing, including integration with physical infrastructures. Quali CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE) allows users to build sandbox blueprints using virtual components, making it easier for developers, testers and DevOps teams to model complex applications and virtualisation infrastructures and deploy them to any cloud or virtualisation platform.

In addition, Quali offers the Cyber Range Cloud Sandbox solution that allows Enterprises to rapidly spin up full-stack, real-world cyber threat environments in seconds. The Quali Sandbox allows users to easily manage the entire lifecycle of modelling, deploying, monitoring and reclaiming cyber sandboxes.

About Quali:

Quali is the leading provider of enterprise sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation. With its flagship CloudShell platform and blueprint-based approach, Quali gives developers, testers and architects access to on-demand, self-service replicas of complex production environments that work on private, public and hybrid cloud deployments with its innovative cloud sandboxes.

Cloud Providers, Telco, Technology Vendors and Enterprises, including several of the Global 100, use Quali software to innovate faster and deliver their products and services to market faster with higher quality and reduced costs. More information about Quali is available at

About Phoenix Datacom:

Founded in 1984, Phoenix Datacom makes sure that many of the communications networks and financial transaction platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online and secure.

Phoenix Datacom is trusted by major UK organisations, including Enterprise Network Owners in private and public sectors and Defence, Network Equipment Manufacturers and most of the Wireline and Mobile Carriers and Broadcast Providers to help them test, monitor, secure and optimise their networks and critical applications.

Quali Contact:
Marshall Hampson

Phoenix Datacom Contact:
Richard Clothier
Tel: (01296) 397711