Quali Expands DevOps Integrations with Leading DevOps Organizations at Jenkins World and announces a free 14-day CloudShell Trial

August 30, 2017

Quali Expands DevOps Integrations with Leading DevOps Organizations at Jenkins World and announces a free 14-day CloudShell Trial

Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory and Xray, CA Technologies Blazemeter and Atlassian Jira Plugins to CloudShell Provide DevOps Ready Self-Service IT Environments

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 30, 2017 -- Quali, the leader in on-demand, self-service IT environments for cloud and DevOps automation, today announced the enhanced integration with Jenkins as well as new integrations with industry leading vendors in the software tool chain. Building on strong partnerships in the DevOps ecosystem, Quali now gives DevOps engineers a seamless end-to-end automation experience and the ability to configure complex workflows in a few minutes.

Quali will be showcasing DevOps-ready, self-service IT environments at booth 606 at Jenkins World. Jenkins World brings together more than 1,500 thought leaders, IT executives, DevOps practitioners and Jenkins experts worldwide during Aug. 28-31 in San Francisco.

The company has released an updated integration with Jenkins Pipeline, and new plugins for JFrog Artifactory, CA Technologies Blazemeter and Atlassian JIRA. The new version of the Jenkins Pipeline plugin makes it easier to streamline the CI/CD pipeline and better control deployment of complex application sandboxes. This update brings improved support for the CloudShell REST API and more flexible parameter handling.

“Quali has been continuing to expand integration with leading vendors of the DevOps toolchain in the industry, with over 12 integrations now available. Some of the biggest challenges in DevOps adoption deal with environment complexity and tool chain fragmentation,” said Shashi Kiran, CMO of Quali. “By continuing to bring leading tool chain vendors into a highly consumable, self-service sandbox IT environment on any cloud, Quali helps standardize DevOps workflows allowing releases to scale without compromising on quality.”

JFrog Artifactory and Xray plugins significantly increase speed and quality by allowing a developer and tester to automatically check the status of an application build, retrieve it from a repository, and install it on the target host.

CloudShell’s integration with CA Technologies’ Blazemeter provides a single control pane of glass to the application tester by dynamically configuring and automatically running performance load tests against the load balanced web application defined in the sandbox.

Atlassian Jira plugin removes friction points between end user and support engineer by automatically creates a JIRA trouble ticket when faulty or failing components are detected in a sandbox.

This week, Quali also announced CloudShell VE – a self-service, on-demand IT environment purpose built for virtualized deployment on any cloud – public, or private. It complements Quali’s flagship software offering – CloudShell Pro – which is tailored for hybrid IT environments. CloudShell VE subscription pricing starts at $1500 for five active environments with unlimited blueprints. Earlier this week, Quali announced a free 14-day Trial for the CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE). Qualified practitioners can participate in the trial by registering at the link below.

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Quali is the leading provider of on-demand, self-service IT sandbox environments for cloud and DevOps automation. With its flagship CloudShell platform and blueprint-based approach, Quali gives developers, testers and architects access to replicas of authentic production environments that work on private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments with its innovative cloud sandboxes. Cloud Providers, Telcos, Technology Vendors and Enterprises including several of the Global 100 use Quali software to innovate faster and deliver their products and services to market faster with higher quality and reduced costs. More information about Quali is available at www.quali.com

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