Quali Opens Up Platform for Developers by Introducing Python-based Automation to Power its Developer Community

March 29, 2016

Quali, the leading Cloud Sandbox platform for DevOps automation, announced today that it is open-sourcing its plug-ins known as Shells, and making them available through a newly formed developer community.

Quali is also providing product features to empower the developer community, including Python libraries and extended APIs, which will make it easier for developers to create and share new Shells and complex Sandbox orchestration workflows.

Quali’s Cloud Sandbox platform enables development, test, support, partner, and sales groups to deliver results faster and better by transforming even the most complex IT infrastructure into purpose-built clouds, designed for DevOps.

“Quali’s extensive Sandbox API’s enable us to make sandboxes part of a fully automated DevOps workflow,” said Moorthy Raju, Staff Engineer at VMWare. “This is critical to our vision of a fully automated, self-service interoperability lab/data center shared by our virtualization and engineering groups.”

Making DevOps and agile processes work within large organizations requires being able to rapidly integrate and automate all the disparate components of the DevOps tool chain. Quali’s Developer Community and extended Python API resources make this possible for Quali’s large user base that spans IT, dev, test, and engineering teams.

“Quali has translated its smarts in the area of self-service automation and orchestration of infrastructure toward supporting DevOps,” said William Fellows of 451 Research. “The company’s CloudShell sandboxing capability that is currently used widely for development and test, is being brought to DevOps, where the need for automation and orchestration is critical. This is particularly true for enterprises whose production infrastructure is complex and difficult to re-produce.”

How Quali Powers Its Developer Community

  • Open sourcing of Quali’s Shell modules under the Apache 2.0 license
  • Native support for Python-based shell automation and sandbox workflows

Full set of northbound Python APIs and libraries for integration with DevOps and application lifecycle tools

A Developer’s Center website with a registry of all available open source shells, as well as tools for developers such as tutorials, best practices, samples and videos.
“We felt that as our customer base has grown, our customers could benefit from an open community for development, collaboration and sharing of Shells, which are the building-block components of a Sandbox.,” said Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Quali. “Making them available in an open language like Python and archiving the source in GitHub under an open source license enables our partners and users to accelerate their automation efforts.”

“We are excited about the creation of an open source community around Quali’s product integrations”, said Haruki Sonehara, of Cobham, Senior Product Manager of TeraVM. “Our customers use TeraVM in Quali’s CloudShell Sandboxes as a tool for emulating and measuring application flows, and they will benefit from the availability of up to date drivers for TeraVM in Quali’s community.”

In order to benefit from DevOps, developers and engineers need the ability to create on-demand, production-like environments quickly and easily. In a recent survey conducted by Quali, 75% of organizations reported that they still take longer than a day to provision the resources needed for engineers and developers to do their jobs.
These new capabilities address the gaps in meeting those demands. The Quali platform is distinct because it allows IT teams to offer catalogs of Sandboxes that incorporate mixed infrastructure, from physical networking and infrastructure to virtual infrastructure and cloud interfaces, to applications.
The Developer’s Center website will be available within 60 days. All other components that are part of the Developer’s community are available immediately.

About Quali

Quali is the leading provider of Cloud Sandboxes for automating the DevOps lifecycle. We give innovators control over their world by enabling them to create personalized replicas of even the most complex production environments. The Global 100 depend on Quali to help them deliver their products and services to market faster and with better quality.


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