Quali to Share State of Market Deployment at NFV & Carrier SDN Event

September 26, 2017

Quali to Share State of Market Deployment at NFV & Carrier SDN Event

Chief Marketing Officer Shashi Kiran to Discuss State of NFV/SDN Alongside Global Organizations as Quali gets Shortlisted for Layer 123’s Best New Orchestration and Control Award

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 26, 2017 -- Quali, the leader in on-demand, self-service IT environments for cloud and DevOps automation, today announced Chief Marketing Officer Shashi Kiran will be speaking at NFV & Carrier SDN, held in Denver, Colo. on Sept. 26-28. Kiran will be alongside tech executives during the keynote panel discussing the future of deployments for NFV and SDN. The keynote will be held on Sept. 27 at 9:20 a.m. and will take attendees through a thoughtful discussion that will assess the market's success and challenges as its current state and focus on the future of the market.

“SDN and NFV are some of the more important architectural transformations underway in networking architecture today,” said Kiran. “The importance of automation and orchestration to achieve the objectives of these initiatives cannot be understated. I’m thrilled to be discussing the state of SDN/NFV and share our findings on how sandbox environments can move the needle to make this transformation faster with less risk.”

Alongside Kiran, executives from IBM, BT Americas, Pluribus and NetScout will be present on the panel sharing viewpoints on virtualization moving forward and how current infrastructure and network systems will sustain this movement. The NFV & Carrier SDN event combines Light Reading’s Carrier NFV & SDN event with KNect365’s Carrier Network Virtualization and spotlights the advances in the virtualization movement including information on service successes, operations challenges, network deployments and standards/open source situations.

Quali was recently shortlisted for the Layer123 “Best New Orchestration & Control” award for CloudShell. Winners will be announced on Oct. 11 in Den Haag, Amsterdam. The CloudShell Pro solution provides full-stack, on-demand hybrid IT environments for several use-cases including rapid replication of SDN/NFV environments. Quali CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE) allows users to build sandbox blueprints using virtual components, making it easier for developers, testers and DevOps teams to model complex applications and virtualization infrastructures and deploy them to any cloud or virtualization platform.

This shortlist award follows Quali being awarded the “Best of VMworld finalist for agility and automation” two years in a row, the Red Herring Top 100, the TMC award for Cloud Security and the CIO Review Company to watch awards all in 2017.

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About Quali:

Quali is the leading provider of enterprise sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation. With its flagship CloudShell platform and blueprint-based approach, Quali gives developers, testers and architects access to on-demand, self-service replicas of complex production environments that work on private, public and hybrid cloud deployments with its innovative cloud sandboxes.

Cloud Providers, Telco, Technology Vendors and Enterprises, including several of the Global 100, use Quali software to innovate faster and deliver their products and services to market faster with higher quality and reduced costs. More information about Quali is available at www.quali.com.

Marshall Hampson