QualiSystems Awarded Patent for Building-Block Approach to Automated Hardware Evaluation and Testing Sequences

January 8, 2014

QualiSystems announces today that it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent validates QualiSystems’ building-block method, which uses a modular or object-oriented approach to create, coordinate and schedule automated test sequences using a matrix-like user interface.

 Automated testing consists of strings of reusable interaction sequences that are run by test and measurement equipment to evaluate a product’s capabilities. Generally, the process of writing test sequences can be complex and often requires programming skills. The invention enables network test engineering to manipulate, change, configure and define automated testing steps in flowcharts or flow-tree diagrams without scripting, and by dragging-and-dropping building-block-steps to a canvas-like environment. This unique capability revolutionizes the simplicity of constructing and reserving test and provisioning flows, as well as building test topologies.

 QualiSystems’ new patented approach uses a novel human/computer interface concept to develop the test sequences. Users of varying skill level, from novice to expert, can easily and seamlessly compose an automated sequence. Using the patented building-block method, test engineers can generate a much greater amount of automated scenarios, resulting in greater test coverage and higher quality, leading to cost and time savings.

 QualiSystems uses this patented approach in its leading automation platform—TestShell and CloudShell. TestShell is a comprehensive software framework for lab management and test automation. CloudShell offers IT infrastructure teams an efficient platform for providing self-service automation across legacy systems, dedicated data center infrastructure, traditional and software-defined networks, and private, public and hybrid clouds. The object library based approach to automation, used in these platforms, offers users greater automation agility and sustainability.

 “We are pleased to have our work and revolutionary design protected by the patent,” says Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice-president of marketing for QualiSystems. “Our team has created a user friendly tool that supports a powerfully productive methodology that can be easily used by the various departments involved in the development, validation, and staging process, to speed time to market for IT applications and infrastructure.”

 The patent “System and method for automatic hardware and software sequencing of computer-aided design (cad) functionality testing” numbered 08589886 was awarded to Eitan Lavie, Assaf Tamir, and Moshe Moskovitch of QualiSystems.

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QualiSystems offers automation and orchestration solutions that deliver agility, productivity and cost savings to test labs, data centers, and software defined networks.  TestShell and CloudShell automation platforms automate resource management, provisioning and testing of heterogeneous environments from bare metal to operations, development to deployment, and legacy to cloud and SDN.  QualiSystems solutions are deployed by hundreds of service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and technology manufacturers worldwide.

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