Quali Delivers Infrastructure Orchestration Portability

November 13, 2014

Quali announces the release of its CloudShell 6.1 software.  Development of 6.1 is heavily driven by customers’ need for the ability to share orchestration they develop on the CloudShell platform to drive higher productivity across and between organizations. The enhanced version has been updated with a suite of several new features that allow the creation, import, export, merging and synchronization of full orchestration and automation stacks—called CloudShell Packages---between separate CloudShell deployments.

A CloudShell Package can include any of the following orchestration components:

  • Low-level interface libraries
  • Service abstraction automation objects
  • Data models
  • Infrastructure environment models
  • Provisioning automation workflows; and
  • Infrastructure resource libraries

CloudShell Packages enable a number of innovative infrastructure orchestration use cases:

  • Separate CloudShell deployments maintained by separate teams such as software developers, QA, information security and compliance. Users can share orchestration packages, which enables greater DevOps collaboration. Creating the infrastructure environments and orchestration during the R&D phase and sharing that infrastructure as packages to downstream teams reduces the time to productivity and reduces the lead time from ideation to market delivery.
  • Ecosystems such as technology manufacturers, distribution and systems integration channels. Each ecosystem can utilize distributed CloudShell deployments along with synchronized CloudShell packages designed and shared by manufacturers to enable the automation of certified provisioning templates, leading to more rapid and consistent product delivery and higher quality outcomes for end-customers. In addition, CloudShell Packages can be used to speed the transfer of essential customer environment information to enable rapid technical support problem replication and fix resolution, leading to better responsiveness and support SLA attainment.
  • Full API-enablement.  CloudShell Packages can be created on the fly by external automation systems, enabling data-driven, continuous processes that help achieve DevOps velocity.

CloudShell’s open architecture, customers and partners can develop their own custom CloudShell Packages.  This allows organizations to develop their own orchestration Intellectual Property (IP) on the CloudShell platform.

Quali will also develop and offer a library of its own certified CloudShell Express Packages for download by CloudShell customers, easing orchestration deployments and speeding time to value. CloudShell Express Packages will be designed to further ease the ability for users to remain in complete control of their environments while maintain dynamic workflow.

“CloudShell Packages is built on CloudShell’s truly agile, object-based architecture and was driven by the vision of some of our most forward-thinking customers,” said Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Vice-President of Marketing for Quali.  “Infrastructure orchestration portability opens a new world of possibilities for innovation, collaboration and productivity, and we’re excited to see what it will enable our customers to accomplish.”

Release 6.1 is available immediately.

About Quali:
Quali offers orchestration and automation solutions that deliver agility, productivity and cost savings to data centers, converged infrastructure, software defined networks and test labs. CloudShell and TestShell automate provisioning, self-service, validation and deployment of heterogeneous infrastructure from bare metal to operations, development to deployment, and legacy to cloud and SDN.  Quali solutions are deployed by hundreds of service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and technology manufacturers worldwide.

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