QualiSystems Expands Test Orchestration Value to Broader Set of Users with Web Access and Expanded Domain Management

June 25, 2013

QualiSystems announces the latest version of TestShell, its comprehensive software framework for lab management and test automation. With the addition of an easy-to-use web interface and expanded domain management, TestShell 5.0 now enables a broader set of users including remote workers, consultants and external contractors to view and reserve lab resources, resulting in accelerated testing, increased productivity and cost savings. TestShell's object-oriented architecture offers a next-generation approach to automation based on a set of reusable objects or building blocks that replace script-based approaches. TestShell enables more scalable and sustainable automation deployments that dramatically accelerate testing cycles.

Lab management is increasingly evolving to include consolidation or federation of multiple labs, with remote access from an expanding variety of users that have different levels of sophistication or access rights. QualiSystems is adding web access to TestShell to make consumption of costly lab resources easier for users beyond traditional test engineers. TestShell 5.0 also expands the types of user domains that administrators can create, including domains with time-bound, project-oriented visibility and reservation access. This enables secure lab resource usage by external contractors and consultants.

"QualiSystems is bringing needed innovation to the business of test and lab automation," said Jim Metzler, vice president of Ashton Metzler. "By broadening the capability of IT managers to offer the benefits of lab automation to additional user groups, it is helping organizations accelerate product and service time to market through more efficient test cycles."

TestShell 5.0 also expands automated test execution scalability. Increased flexibility in managing test queuing and scheduling across multiple, distributed execution stations reduces the need for manual intervention. This makes test automation execution more efficient and allows automation to scale to cover an increased percentage of testing processes.

TestShell's object-oriented approach empowers the whole testing team, including non-programmers, to create and maintain automation processes through the use of a shared library of provisioning and testing objects. Users leverage the object library with powerful GUI tools such as interactive test topology creation and reservation diagrams, right-click provisioning menus, and non-programmer friendly, drag-and-drop automation workflow design.

"TestShell 5.0 framework eliminates bottlenecks to test lab consolidation by providing users with a wider variety of access methods and administrators with greater flexibility in defining access control," says Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice-president of marketing for QualiSystems. "With TestShell‘s usage expanding beyond the core set of engineers, we are enabling our customers to expand the utility, adoption and scalability of initiatives to turn manually operated test labs into highly automated infrastructure service clouds."

TestShell 5.0 will be available to customers beginning in early July 2013.

About TestShell
TestShell is an end-to-end enterprise software framework offering complete Lab Management, Device Provisioning and Test Automation solutions. Used in the Networking and Storage environment to manage and drive large scale testing labs, the framework enables engineers to optimize lab performance and increase testing coverage while expanding equipment utilization, reducing setup time and accelerating testing.

About QualiSystems
QualiSystems is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for test and lab automation, driving innovation, efficiency and ROI. QualiSystems' TestShell Framework has already proven as an industry-critical solution in North America, APAC, Europe and the Middle East, where it is used by market leaders from a wide spectrum of industries including network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, data center providers, enterprises and electronics device manufacturers. www.qualisystems.com


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