Qualisystems and Japan’s Leading Open Lab Organization Accelerate SDN and Cloud Computing Technologies Integration

July 15, 2014

QualiSystems, the agile infrastructure automation company, today announces it has become a member of Okinawa Open Laboratory (OOL), and that OOL has adopted QualiSystems’ CloudShell platform as its primary orchestrationand validation software. CloudShell’s unified orchestration and workflow automation platform will provide OOL with a more powerful and user-friendly collaboration around SDN, NFV and cloud computing services. CloudShell also enables OOL to offer a web-based catalog of dynamic and elastic SDN/NFV sandboxes to its members and customers, enhancing its efforts to facilitate the development, validation, and adoption of SDN and cloud technologies.

OOL was established by NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), NEC Corporation (NEC) and IIGA Co., Ltd. (IIGA) to integrate SDN and cloud computing technologies. OOL allows engineers from private companies and academic organizations in Japan and worldwide to use its facilities for the development of SDN and cloud-computing technologies and verification for commercial use.


CloudShell enables agile infrastructure self-service, including environment reservation, automated provisioning and reclamation over physical and virtual network and datacenter infrastructure. CloudShell enables more productive DevOps processes and allows IT and service provider organizations to build continuous certification cycles for network cloud infrastructure, SDN applications and NFV service chains.

“OOL is excited to welcome QualiSystems as a member of Okinawa Open Laboratory,” said Tatsuya Yamashita, Leader of the Technology Group, OOL. “OOL is dedicated to working with best-of-breed ICT enablers, such as Qualisystems, to enable the broader ICT community to achieve and transform cloud computing, SDN and NFV.”

“As organizations continue moving their ICT infrastructure to cloud, SDN and NFV architectures, transforming internal development, testing and deployment operations is critical for ongoing success and business agility,” said Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Vice President of Marketing at QualiSystems.  “QualiSystems is excited to collaborate with OOL to offer a model for how organizations can achieve self-service infrastructure automation.”

QualiSystems’ CloudShell is commercially available and was showcased at Interop Tokyo.

About Okinawa Open Laboratory
The Okinawa Open laboratory was established to promote the dissemination and commercialization of next-generation ICT infrastructure technology. The Okinawa Open Laboratory actively partners with industry and academia, inviting engineers from a wide range of fields to participate in open programs of research and development, whose fruits will be open to the whole world to share.  This international research center promotes the fusion of two game-changing technologies: software-defined networking (SDN), a revolutionary addition to networking technology; and cloud computing, which is already rewriting the rules underpinning the world's IT foundations.

About QualiSystems
QualiSystems offers automation and orchestration solutions that deliver agility, productivity and cost savings to test labs, data centers, and software defined networks. TestShell and CloudShell automation platforms automate resource management, provisioning and testing of heterogeneous environments from bare metal to operations, development to deployment, and legacy to cloud and SDN. QualiSystems solutions are deployed by hundreds of service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and technology manufacturers worldwide.