QualiSystems Launches Automation Platform that Bridges the Gap Between Legacy Infrastructure and the Cloud

October 29, 2013

QualiSystems announces the launch of its CloudShell automation platform.  CloudShell offers IT infrastructure teams an efficient platform for providing self-service automation of heterogeneous infrastructure, including legacy systems, dedicated data center infrastructure, traditional and software-defined networks, and private and public clouds.  

CloudShell enables infrastructure and network teams to build a sustainable process for architecting and publishing diverse infrastructure resources packaged with automated provisioning as holistic environments.  All application delivery stakeholders, including developers, security engineers, compliance personnel and pre-production testers can access the exact same environment to drive a high quality, agile development to deployment process. 

“Enterprise-class organizations must deal with the reality of integrating applications across many infrastructure stacks, including legacy systems,” says Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice-president of marketing for QualiSystems.  “Traditional automation tools are either too fragmented or too code-intensive to enable infrastructure and network teams to deliver end-to-end infrastructure to application delivery stakeholders. CloudShell draws on QualiSystems’ long history in automating multi-generational, diverse infrastructure environments to deliver highly sustainable automation for agile IT.”

CloudShell delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities including an infrastructure resource manager, an object library based approach to automation that enforces best practices, and GUI-based environment design and workflow authoring tools, integrated reporting and business intelligence tools, plus a powerful web-based self-service portal.  CloudShell easily integrates multiple automation languages or scripts and provides easy to use tools to capture and create reusable automation objects for legacy infrastructure elements that don’t have APIs.

CloudShell enables infrastructure teams to make legacy environments agile for developers and testers, and to provide a path for publishing incremental infrastructure changes that provide a path to cloud evolution. CloudShell also offers networking organizations a self-service platform for building a sustainable dev/test practice for the adoption of software defined networks (SDNs) and the support of SDN application life cycles. With CloudShell, IT departments can also automate the provisioning of infrastructure resources from bare metal to fully operational state and to orchestrate ongoing automated tasks in a highly sustainable and non-programmer friendly manner.

CloudShell will be available to customers beginning in early December 2013.

About QualiSystems

QualiSystems offers automation and orchestration solutions that deliver agility, productivity and cost savings to test labs, data centers, and software defined networks.  TestShell and CloudShell automation platforms automate resource management, provisioning and testing of heterogeneous environments from bare metal to operations, development to deployment, and legacy to cloud and SDN.  QualiSystems solutions are deployed by hundreds of service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and technology manufacturers worldwide.

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