QualiSystems Offers New Customers Effortless Migration to TestShell Lab Management Solution

January 8, 2013

QualiSystems is pleased to announce it has successfully achieved automatic migration capabilities enabling customers to replace in-place Gale Technologies Lab Manager test automation platforms with QualiSystems' TestShell enterprise software framework seamlessly. The automatic migration is in addition to the standard migration already performed by QualiSystems. The recent end-of-life product announcement by Gale Technologies and the acquisition of Gale by Dell may be the impetus for Gale's Lab Manager storage-vendor customers to switch over to a more sustainable solution that will deliver the best process for test and lab performance.

The transition from Gale's Lab Manager to QualiSystems TestShell is necessary for customers in order to maintain and expand on needed functionality to support and leverage a vast array of devices and gain the best results possible. The changeover process includes a complete end-to-end replacement of the customer's lab management suite including devices, layer-1 physical switches, and any network equipment and storage devices that are being used. Automated migration allows for a timely immediate transition, resulting in the best test and lab automation platform available.

QualiSystems' TestShell will optimize lab performance due to its superior networking and storage lab management features, including built-in support, device inventory and scheduling, and capabilities for dragging-and-dropping required resources into the topology diagrams. Moreover, using the holistic test automation framework engineers gain the ability to define abstract resources in the system and match actual ones when required on their own without involving code developers.

QualiSystems' TestShell provides complete lab management and device provisioning resulting in an increase in testing coverage and increased equipment utilization. Using this software framework leads to improved product quality, a shortened time to market and significantly reduced capital and operational expenditures. TestShell also permits lab testing teams to continuously work on any existing reservations without disruption while the migration is taking place. This includes creating new reservations, keeping pre-existing topologies and maintaining a complete outlook on all reservation activities.

"Customers who previously used Gale's Lab Manager Solution will find it easy to make the transition because of the continuity with TestShell, both in terms of functionality and sustainability," says Assaf Lev , vice president of delivery at QualiSystems. "Now that Dell has purchased Gale, some existing customers may be Dell competitors unwilling to use a Gale product. QualiSystems offers an alternative that surpasses the Lab Manager's capabilities and provides customers with the best available outcomes. Like our customers, we are very pleased with the automated migration process and the results realized.

"TestShell 5.0 framework eliminates bottlenecks to test lab consolidation by providing users with a wider variety of access methods and administrators with greater flexibility in defining access control," says Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice-president of marketing for QualiSystems. "With TestShell‘s usage expanding beyond the core set of engineers, we are enabling our customers to expand the utility, adoption and scalability of initiatives to turn manually operated test labs into highly automated infrastructure service clouds."

About TestShell
TestShell is an end-to-end enterprise software framework offering complete Lab Management, Device Provisioning and Test Automation solutions. Used in the Networking and Storage environment to manage and drive large scale testing labs, the framework enables engineers to optimize lab performance and increase testing coverage while expanding equipment utilization, reducing setup time and accelerating testing.

About QualiSystems
QualiSystems is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for test and lab automation, driving innovation, efficiency and ROI. QualiSystems' TestShell Framework has already proven as an industry-critical solution in North America, APAC, Europe and the Middle East, where it is used by market leaders from a wide spectrum of industries including network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, data center providers, enterprises and electronics device manufacturers. www.qualisystems.com


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