QualiSystems Receives a NIS 1.6 Million Grant from the Chief Scientist for management and automation of hardware and telecom testing

December 9, 2012

QualiSystems announced today that the company received an additional grant from The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor in Israel totaling NIS 1.6 million. The grant, awarded to the company for the fourth year in a row, is earmarked for the continued development of advanced test lab management software for telecom environments. QualiSystems' solution enables telecom providers, communications equipment manufacturers and enterprises that maintain complex communications networks to streamline lab operations and maximize equipment utilization. Customers can also simplify the setup of complex test infrastructure while achieving substantial time and resource savings.

Founded in 2004, QualiSystems has established operations in the international market. The company has direct representation and a vast network of business partners in the US, the Far East and Europe. Its growing activity in North America includes offices in the Silicon Valley and on the east coast with internationally known, leading telecom and enterprise organizations.

The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is responsible for executing governmental policy relating to industrial R&D support. The OCS encourages entrepreneurs in high-tech start-up companies, leverages Israel's highly capable scientific and technological labor force, and stimulates cooperation in state-of-the-art R&D at national and international levels.

Eden Evantal, QualiSystems VP Research & Development said: "The support of the Chief Scientist will help us to continue and develop our products in 2013 and meet challenges that our clients in the local and international markets are facing. We intend to expand our operations substantially so that we can meet set goals. We greatly value the Chief Scientist's support for our company throughout the years, which is a vote of confidence for the company's development plans and business plan.

About QualiSystems
QualiSystems is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for test and lab automation, driving innovation, efficiency and ROI. QualiSystems' TestShell Framework has already proven as an industry-critical solution in North America, APAC, Europe and the Middle East, where it is used by market leaders from a wide spectrum of industries including network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, data center providers, enterprises and electronics device manufacturers. www.qualisystems.com