QualiSystems Secures Equipment Access in the Network Testing Lab

September 9, 2011

QualiSystems today announced the incorporation of the unique capability to maintain secured access to lab equipment offered by TestShell 4.8. The powerful capability streamlines lab managers' control over lab devices and improves lab efficiency with remote and scheduled access.

With the device access control capability, TestShell 4.8 brings the highest level of protection available for mature lab testing environments. Whereas other solutions merely alert users that a device has been targeted for testing, TestShell offers secure device reservations to guarantee uninterrupted testing processes by blocking access to topology-reserved devices. In addition, lab managers can completely eliminate device-access by unauthorized intruders who may intend to break into the organization network lab.

TestShell's access control is achieved by providing a single protect path of interacting with lab devices, by the ability to integrate with firewalls and access switches if used, and by allowing users to define an open or closed path according to the device reservation time span. In the latest TestShell version, commands to launch equipment without a prior reservation will be ignored, while testing-related applications can be initiated directly from the interactive topology diagram to speed up and simplify the test-topology creation processes.

The device access control capability also allows testing managers to create reservations for external users who will then be notified of their reservation via email. At the beginning of the reserved time period, a secure channel opens in the firewall for the outside tester to access needed equipment under test. After the application is completed, the firewall closes and further access is denied.

"TestShell 4.8 was designed to accelerate lab management and automation, and offers upgraded user experience and powerful collaboration capabilities to network testing teams who implemented the framework in their lab," notes Eitan Lavie, VP Product and Marketing of QualiSystems. "The device control access capability strengthen lab managers competency to control lab devices and operations, as it acts as an invisible barrier against test interruption while offering the authorized user a set of tools for increased working efficiency".

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