QualiSystems Validates Critical Virtual Network Assets within Cloud Ecosystems, Accelerating Time to Market, Assuring Performance

April 30, 2013

QualiSystems will conduct a cloud orchestration and assessment demonstration at Interop Las Vegas, May 7-9, 2013. The demo, including QualiSystems' TestShell Framework and Ixia's IxVM, will test the performance of a hybrid cloud environment operating across private data centers and public cloud services, including networking, computing, storage, hypervisors, virtual switches, and virtualized applications to assess its ability to deliver application performance. The assessment will demonstrate the importance of orchestrating the set-up and testing of services in several scenarios, namely private, public and hybrid clouds to enable complete visibility into the network before live deployment.

TestShell, QualiSystems' comprehensive infrastructure automation software framework, enables product and service testing before going live to end customers. TestShell assures that physical and virtualized resources are effectively deployed and configured, and that tests run smoothly and thoroughly, leaving nothing to chance in real-world deployments.

IxVM, the software-based implementation of Ixia's test platform, provides complete Layer 2 to Layer 7 traffic generation and analysis for virtualized environments. Used with the Ixia IxNetwork solution, it is specifically designed to test virtualized assets including virtual switches, hypervisors and virtual appliances and environments.

With cloud infrastructure, accurate testing is even more critical. The cloud itself consists of computing, services, storage and networking components, which must interoperate smoothly to guarantee high performance. Moreover, when greater amounts of data are stored in the cloud; applications require querying and transaction of data in different locations, further elevating the amount of data transferred. It is therefore critical that network reliability and application delivery be thoroughly tested before made operational for customers.

"Ixia is a trusted and valued partner of QualiSystems and we welcome the opportunity to include it in the demo alongside TestShell," said Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice-president of marketing at QualiSystems. "Effective test assembly and assurance that all aspects of the cloud function properly is critical before in-service deployment is completed. QualiSystems has built up a base of experience working with service providers, network equipment vendors and data center operators to confirm functionality and bring services to market quickly."

Please visit QualiSystems at Interop Las Vegas at booth 1867.

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