Quick Takes from Qualians: David Ben Shabat

March 26, 2024
2 min

It’s not every day that you get a chance to pick the brain of a “Cloud Wizard.” We spoke with Quali’s VP R&D, David Ben Shabat, to get his take on what’s a game changer for Infrastructure Management, why DevOps rule!!!, and why the Torque Control Plane should be your next bestie.

Q: Why did you want to join Quali?

A: I sat down with Edan, our CTO, and was super intrigued by the product and its unique advantage amid the industry. I come from a Cyber and Data background, and I was pretty sure I’d pursue AI or Quantum as my go-to career direction. Let’s just say that this meeting flipped the script for me, and suddenly I was drawn to the WAY things are built and how they’re managed, so DevOps won.

Q: What is your principal management philosophy?

A: High performing products meet continuous execution meets traction.

Q: What is Torque and the solutions it enables?

A: Torque is an Environment as a Service (EaaS) Control Plane for Infrastructure as Code and Containers. It enables recurring CI/CD processes with no redundant resources that keep lingering on and generate high-cost bottlenecks. Torque provides a critical dashboard that maintains configuration and optimization within a recurring model.

Q: What do you think makes a great DevOps person?

A: One who applies deep solution-discovery when tackled with a business problem/goal. That kind of approach stimulates a better user experience rather than just testing to impact. At Quali, we always prioritize development of self-explanatory products that are intuitive to utilize. We constantly emphasize discussing the right flow to go with and what is the overall experience it motivates.

Q: Where is Quali headed in the near future?

A: Today we aim for our core direction to become the standard in Environment Infrastructure Automation. We direct our DevOps expertise and provide you with a Control Plane to create a full-on customized cloud environment.

Our teams have phenomenal people and expertise who operate at scale, bringing added value to existing practices (finance, automation, permission).

It’s about going after the pitfalls and removing them completely so organizations can move faster and deliver hiccup-free application services.