Tackle Kubernetes Complexity Accelerate and simplify how you build, manage, and deploy Kubernetes environments.

Turn your existing Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and IaC scripts into repeatable blueprints for complex environments so you can deploy faster while improving governance, control, and visibility.

Balance Speed & Control for Your Kubernetes Environments

Automate Orchestration

Spend less time manually provisioning complex environments. Torque automatically configures repeatable blueprints for environments consisting of your existing Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and IaC scripts.

Self-Service & Auto-Deployment

Provide developers and other end users self-service access to view all microservices and infrastructure within an environment, deploy environments on-demand, and integrate with your CI/CD tools.

Cost & Usage Reporting

Align consumption to business units, applications, or other priorities with automated tracking and reporting for all Kubernetes costs and usage across your organization.

Drift Detection & Alerting

Alert your teams to any unexpected changes to your microservices or IaC scripts that may disrupt the environment, with all the information they need to explore and resolve those changes.

Simplify Your Complex Kubernetes Environments Speed up delivery of Kubernetes environments while managing container infrastructure.

Establish a control layer over your Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and other infrastructure assets to automate provisioning, centralize management, and deliver environments continuously.

Get More Out of Your Containerized Infrastructure

You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of Kubernetes.
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Provide the right level of access and visibility for everyone on your teams.

DevOps, IT, & Architects

Automate how you provision Kubernetes environments while maintaining and governing infrastructure centrally.

Devs, Testers, & Other Users

Eliminate wait times for environments and understand the underlying infrastructure and microservices within them.

Finance & Leadership

Allocate Kubernetes costs and usage to the team, project, or any other variable you need so you can understand ROI.

Use Cases

Optimize Your Kubernetes Workflows

Make Kubernetes easier to use, manage, and understand for all your teams—regardless of their knowledge of containers.

The Challenge

Kubernetes has a well-earned reputation for complexity. This steep learning curve often results in bottlenecks, as those with the skills to build and manage complex infrastructure become responsible for large volumes of requests for environments.

The Solution

Torque cuts down on redundant manual tasks by automating the configuration of your Kubernetes configurations and IaC assets into repeatable, ready-to-run environments that your experts can build once, manage centrally, and deliver continuously.

The Challenge

Kubernetes and Helm provide little visibility into who, when, and why infrastructure is deployed. This makes it difficult to calculate productivity and ROI on the cloud infrastructure powering your applications.

The Solution

Torque automatically tags the infrastructure that your teams deploy, allowing you to set custom parameters to track costs and usage back to the team, project, application, or other priority that matters most to you.

The Challenge

Teams managing tens or even hundreds of clusters often struggle to standardize operations, apply security policies consistently, and restrict access to prevent unauthorized changes to configurations.

The Solution

Torque supports role-based access controls to prevent misconfigurations, customizable policies based on Open Policy Agent to prohibit risky behavior, and encryption to lock down account credentials, keys, and other secrets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quali’s Torque discovers and ingests Kubernetes manifests from your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories—along with any Helm Charts or infrastructure scripts via Terraform or CloudFormation—and automatically orchestrates the assets you select into a ready-to-run environment.

Think of Quali’s Torque as a unified control plane for all your infrastructure assets.

Yes! Quali’s Torque automatically discovers the infrastructure configurations in Helm Charts stored in your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories, then models those elements into a blueprint with context, artifacts, and dependencies added to create a complete application environment. Torque also automates multi-asset environments consist of multiple Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and Terraform scripts into a ready-to-run environment in just minutes—and makes those environments repeatable.

Quali’s Torque platform was designed to enhance your existing workflows. That means automating the entire lifecycle of environments directly where–and when–they’re needed. Torque will automatically deploy the right environment at the onset of a new stage of the CI/CD pipeline, then shut that environment down after that stage is complete. Torque currently support deployment on infrastructure within Azure DevOps, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, TeamCity.

Yes. With Torque, infrastructure teams can enforce security and compliance by configuring environment blueprints with secrets and cloud account credentials securely embedded (and invisible to the user) to conform to policies that mitigate business risk. Torque’s policy engine, powered by Open Policy Agent (OPA), can embed guidelines for user access, cost, usage, and governance into the infrastructure provisioning process.

Torque automatically tags deployed environments with a common framework to link infrastructure to users, teams, projects. We also support custom tagging to provide data capture and visibility on infrastructure usage and costs for Kubernetes environments.

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