We Are Quali

Unleash the time and talent of your technology teams so they are free to build the future – to develop, test, and deploy with simple self service on any cloud, any time.

Who We Are

Our Team


  • Lior Koriat Photo

    Lior Koriat

  • Edan Evantal Photo

    Edan Evantal

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Yael Yehoshua Photo

    Yael Yehoshua

  • Amos Shachar Photo

    Amos Shachar

  • Mike Yeager Photo

    Mike Yeager

  • Karin Fauster-Zvuluni Photo

    Karin Fauster-Zvuluni

    Head of HR
  • David Williams Photo

    David Williams

    SVP, Market Strategy
  • David Ben Shabat Photo

    David Ben Shabat

    VP R&D
  • Colin Neagle Photo

    Colin Neagle

    VP Growth Marketing
  • David Hason Photo

    David Hason

    VP Operations and IT
  • Jason Lee Photo

    Jason Lee

    VP Global Channels

Board of Directors

  • Lior Koriat

  • Yoav Tzruya

    Chairman, JVP
  • Shay Grinfeld

    Board Member, Greenfield
  • Ganesh Bell

    Board Member, Industry Expert
  • Tom Axbey

    Advisor, Industry Expert
  • Tom Schodorf

    Board Member, Industry Expert
  • Jonathan Bryce

    Advisor, Industry Expert

Global Presence

Quali has offices in Israel and North America. Direct sales and customer support centers are located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our growing global presence includes sales and technical representatives across North America, EMEA and APAC regions.

North American HQ

US 10801-2 North Mo Pac Exp.
Suite 200 Austin, TX 78759 USA


Hashahar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon St.
Givatayim, Israel 5320047

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