Flexible pricing options to fit your needs

  • Free
    Per Month
    Ideal for individual developers & small teams


    Up to 3 users Up to 3 users
    Up to 50 monthly deployments Up to 50 monthly deployments
    Support for any K8S cluster Support for any K8S cluster
    Public cloud support Public cloud support
    Asset discovery Asset discovery
  • Professional
    Starting at 
    per month
    Ideal for medium-sized teams


    5 users, 100 monthly deployments 5 users, 100 monthly deployments
    Role-based access controls Role-based access controls
    Unlimited spaces Unlimited spaces
    Secrets management Secrets management
  • Enterprise
    Contact us for 
    Unlimited usage for enterprise scale


    Unlimited users Unlimited users
    Unlimited deployments Unlimited deployments
    Account-level costs Account-level costs
    Custom Day-2 operations Custom Day-2 operations
    Single sign-on Single sign-on
  • CloudShell
    Contact us for 
    Enterprise scale for infrastructure automation


    Unlimited users Unlimited users
    Self-service catalog Self-service catalog
    Inventory management Inventory management
    App support App support
    Single sign-on Single sign-on

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer a free 30-day trial of all our paid packages so you and your teams can get started easily. You can request your trial here and our team will be in touch to set up your account.

A deployment is the launch of the infrastructure, application, and/or other resources defined in a blueprint within a Quali application. Every “launch” of an environment based on a blueprint is considered a deployment.

Spaces allow customers to organize groups of users and teams to collaborate on specific projects and/or infrastructure within Quali’s Torque platform, with boundaries to prevent users from accessing other spaces. Administrators can manage infrastructure and apply usage policies in specific spaces without affecting the users in other spaces.

An environment is a provisioned instance of a blueprint, and it consists of all the elements needed to support activities in a continuous software development process. Environments include the application, artifacts, software tools, data, services, and infrastructure elements.

A user is any person who accesses a Quali application or who provisions environments through the Quali Torque UI, API calls, CLI or automated processes.

Enterprise provides unlimited users and deployments, customizations, extended data retention, and a private SaaS option.

Quali’s products are as flexible as you need them to be. In the event that you exceed your contracted usage we will work with you to optimize your plan without disruption to your operations.

Quali can also offer Torque as a Private SaaS offering, which is a dedicated tenant deployed in a customer’s cloud account. Quali operates this dedicated SaaS implementation on behalf of the customer. Private SaaS implementations must use Quali’s cloud architecture.

We will work with you to create a customized plan based on your expected usage volume, and we can refine your plan by reviewing your actual usage over time. Spaces are not part of the licensing model.

Yes. Please visit our Trust and Security Center for details.

Professional services are typically used to design, develop, and implement customizations and integrations for Torque Enterprise tier.

Licensing in Torque is flexible and adaptable by design. Please contact your Account Executive to review your needs.

Yes. Volume discounts are available for Enterprise Tier customers. Contact us via the form above to learn more.

We provide environment usage reporting in our products.

Want to chat about our pricing? Our team is here to help

Just submit the form to the right and a member of our team will reach out to answer any of your questions about our pricing, packages, or products.

Quali’s products are designed to:

  • Automatically orchestrate repeatable blueprints for environments based on your IaC and containerized assets
  • Build low-code and no-code templates for all other infrastructure and environments
  • Standardize usage with custom policies for cloud costs, security risks, and role-based access controls
  • Maintain infrastructure and deliver environments continuously via self service and your CI/CD and ITSM tools

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