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Your Terraform Infrastructure, Simplified for Developer Self-Service

Leverage your Terraform modules and other IaC resources to create reusable templates for cloud environments that developers can launch with a single click.

DevOps tools for continuous testing environments

You Don’t Need to be a Terraform Expert Just to Run Environments

Provisioning infrastructure via Terraform often requires extensive knowledge of IaC and cloud infrastructure, creating a skills gap that slows your teams down.

Quali Torque simplifies Terraform so your developers can launch environments via self-service.

No-Code Environment Design

Quali Torque turns your Terraform modules into reusable building blocks that you can use to design templates for your custom environments that developers can launch on-demand.

Developer Experience

Provide self-service access for developers to find and launch pre-configured environments without the need to define Terraform variables or cloud security credentials.

Visibility & Optimization

Keep all Terraform infrastructure up to date with real-time cost and usage tracking, automated detection of configuration drift, custom cloud governance policies, and pre-scheduled teardown of all cloud services your teams deploy.

Leverage IaC

Quali provides out-of-the-box IaC modules and leverages resources in your repositories so you can create reusable definitions of the environments your teams need.

No-Code Environment Design

Turn your ecosystem resources into no-code assets you can use to generate a source file defining your cloud environment.

Self-Service Launch

Provide role-based access for your teammates to launch the environments you’ve designed via our self-service portal and integrations with their preferred tools.

Continuous Governance

Improve performance, security, and cost efficiency with continuous monitoring for configuration drift and violations of your cloud governance policies.

Cost & Activity Reports

Track all activity and associated costs by the users and teams responsible for them so you can act on opportunities to improve efficiency proactively.

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See how to leverage Terraform to create a developer-friendly platform for cloud environments.

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See How Quali Automates Your Terraform Infrastructure

Discovery & Orchestration

Put an end to the frustrating manual work required to provision across configurations and technologies. Quali Torque ingests Terraform configurations and other IaC and containerized infrastructure directly from your Git repositories and orchestrates a reusable YAML that end users can deploy repeatedly.

Orchestrate devops testing environments automatically

Self-Service & Auto-Deployment

Empower developers and other end users with secure self-service. Quali Torque gives end users role-based self-service access to deploy and perform Day-2 actions on the infrastructure they need on-demand, eliminating the need for ticket submissions and repeat configuration processes.

deploy continuous testing environments for devops

Custom Usage Policies

Prevent unauthorized infrastructure and configurations in your Terraform files. Quali Torque imports custom cloud policies defined in your Git repositories and automatically prohibits any activity that violates your standards, such as prohibited instance sizes, insecure configurations, or expected cloud costs.

Maintain & Optimize Deployments

Prevent zombie infrastructure and stale environments proactively. Quali Torque will automatically notify admins about configuration drift or other changes to your Terraform infrastructure, and allows them to schedule workflows to launch and shutdown the VMs in your configurations automatically.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

Frequently Asked Questions

It starts with your Git repository. Torque will connect to your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repository, identify all the files within them—including Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm Charts, and native Kubernetes manifests—and allow you to choose the assets to import.

Torque will create visual “building blocks” representing these and other assets (such as Jenkins) that you can use to define the infrastructure components of an environment. In practice, these are YAML files generated in Torque that defines the resource configuration in a simple way, allowing admins to use each infrastructure component equally regardless of the IaC tool used to define it.

Admins can then use Torque’s visual design tool to add these components to define an environment, set dependencies by connecting these components using the designer, and set parameters using a user-friendly form for each asset.

This design process will automatically generate a new source file defining the complete environment, which can then be launched by those with user-only permissions.

Absolutely not. Torque blueprints embrace and extend existing Terraform modules.

The Torque platform is designed to help our users seamlessly and safely access and rapidly deploy their existing Terraform scripts. Torque is unique for its ability to automatically identify and map multiple configuration types (Terraform, Helm, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and vCenter) into a single repeatable blueprint.

Further, Torque ties Terraform-configured infrastructure elements to business context – who owns it, operates it, its purpose, the application and/or business that it enables, and what the infrastructure costs to operate.

Think of Quali’s Torque as a unified control plane for all your infrastructure assets.

We support all versions of Terraform, even those released after Terraform version 1.5.5.

Torque users can also leverage OpenTofu, the open source fork of Terraform IaC, and can create templates for environments consisting of resources defined in multiple IaC tools, including various versions of Terraform, OpenTofu, CloudFormation, Ansible, Helm, and native Kubernetes manifests. Contact us to learn more.

Traditionally, DevOps teams responsible for Terraform and other IaC resources need to understand how to use the IaC modules to provision cloud infrastructure, including expertise in things like the cloud providers’ parameters and credentials needed to launch each asset.

Torque provides a developer platform for launching application environments via a self-service catalog. These environments can be built using Terraform modules that define individual cloud resources.

In the catalog, developers can see environments with user-friendly names that align with the dev, test, staging, or other use case they need. To launch, developers only need to click “launch” on the environment via the self-service catalog.

Torque manages cloud account credentials automatically and allows admins to set default values for parameters like cloud region, so developers can run the infrastructure they need without extensive knowledge of cloud technologies.

Ultimately this means that developers can launch environments without an IaC expert provisioning them every time they need them.

The Torque platform was designed to enhance your existing workflows. That means automating the entire lifecycle of environments directly where–and when–they’re needed.

Torque will automatically deploy the right environment at the onset of a new stage of the CI/CD pipeline, then shut that environment down after that stage is complete.

Torque currently supports deployment on infrastructure within Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and CircleCI.

Yes. With Torque, infrastructure teams can enforce security and compliance by configuring environment blueprints with secrets and cloud account credentials securely embedded (and invisible to the user) to conform to policies that mitigate business risk. Torque’s policy engine, powered by Open Policy Agent (OPA), can embed guidelines for user access, cost, usage, and governance into the infrastructure provisioning process.

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