AI-driven infrastructure orchestration is here! Create environments automatically based on AI prompts

Create a Developer Portal for Your Infrastructure as Code

Empower your developers with self-service access to provision Infrastructure as Code with a simple click of a button–regardless of their expertise in IaC tools.

DevOps tools for continuous testing environments

Don’t Let Complexity Hold Back Your Infrastructure as Code

Traditional approaches restrict access to Infrastructure as Code to the select few with expertise in IaC tools and cloud technologies.

Quali Torque is a platform engineering tool to scale & optimize your Infrastructure as Code

No-Code Orchestration

Leverage our community-provided IaC modules or connect your own repository to create reusable templates defining all the infrastructure and application services needed to launch your cloud environments.

Self-Service Access

Give your developers self-service access to provision cloud environments from a user-friendly catalog that eliminates the complexity, automates the parameters, and manages all security credentials centrally.

Visibility & Optimization

Track all activity so you can understand the performance of your IaC assets, resolve configuration drift, and automatically deny the provisioning of any resources that violate your cloud governance policies.

Leverage IaC

Quali provides out-of-the-box IaC modules and leverages resources in your repositories so you can create reusable definitions of the environments your teams need.

No-Code Environment Design

Turn your ecosystem resources into no-code assets you can use to generate a source file defining your cloud environment.

Self-Service Launch

Provide role-based access for your teammates to launch the environments you’ve designed via our self-service portal and integrations with their preferred tools.

Continuous Governance

Improve performance, security, and cost efficiency with continuous monitoring for configuration drift and violations of your cloud governance policies.

Cost & Activity Reports

Track all activity and associated costs by the users and teams responsible for them so you can act on opportunities to improve efficiency proactively.

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See how to simplify and scale your IaC securely using Quali Torque.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Torque is a platform engineering tool that makes it easier to provision application environments, such as those used for application development, testing, staging, or demos.

Users design templates for application environments using Torque’s visual designer, where they can find IaC modules and other tools for infrastructure components and application services. After the user adds those resources and connects them in the visual designer, Torque automatically creates a YAML file containing the code defining how all the infrastructure and services will deploy to generate that environment.

To create these templates, users can leverage Torque’s out-of-the-box IaC and Kubernetes resources, and can also discover and leverage their existing IaC resources by connecting a Git repository. Torque creates new YAML files for each resource defined in IaC so that the user can easily add multiple services to their environment design. This process makes it easier to define environments with infrastructure and application services defined in multiple IaC tools, as admins can use the code defined in YAML in Torque.

Once they’ve created the template, Torque administrators can choose to release them to those with end-user permissions. End users can provision the infrastructure defined by simply clicking “launch” on the environment template, after which Torque initiates the plan defined in the template. Admins can pre-set the deployment parameters and credentials so users only have to click launch.

Through this approach, any developer or other user can provision infrastructure regardless of their expertise in IaC, Kubernetes, or public cloud technologies.

Watch this brief demo to learn more.

Torque supports Terraform (including versions released after v1.5.5), OpenTofu, CloudFormation, Ansible, and Helm.

Many of our users leverage Torque to simplify the orchestration of multi-asset environments across multiple IaC technologies.

Torque creates environment templates using the resources defined in IaC, then simplifies the provisioning of those environments to provide self-service even to teams with limited experience with IaC.

To create these templates, those with Torque administrator permissions can connect a repository to discover and leverage the resource configurations defined in their IaC modules. They can then use those modules to create a template defining a more complex environments in Torque–say, for example, an application based on an Amazon S3 bucket and KMS Key–and then publish that template to Torque’s self-service catalog where users can provision it on-demand, every time they need it.

To provision infrastructure, users can find their application environment on Torque’s self-service catalog and only need to click “Launch” to provision it. Admins can set default parameters and manage all credentials centrally, so the developer doesn’t need to know anything about the IaC module used to define their infrastructure or even the cloud platform they’re deploying it on.

Torque also supports several IaC technologies, including Terraform (all versions), OpenTofu, CloudFormation, Ansible and Helm.

Whereas Terraform Cloud and similar Terraform automation and collaboration tools make it easier for IaC experts to use Terraform, Torque is a developer platform that makes it easier for anyone to run application infrastructure regardless of their expertise in IaC.

See How Quali Automates Your Infrastructure as Code

Discovery & Normalization

After connecting to a Git repository, Quali Torque will discover all IaC modules, identify the resource configuration within each, and create a new asset within the platform. Torque administrators can then select resources for their environment and the platform will automatically generate a new source file that will serve as the template for all deployments going forward.

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Developer Self-Service

Accelerate how you deliver Infrastructure as Code. Quali Torque gives developers and other end users self-service access to launch pre-configured infrastructure and perform Day-2 actions on cloud VMs on-demand. Role-based access controls prevent unauthorized changes to your configurations, while integrations allow end users to plug infrastructure into their preferred CI/CD, IDP, or other operational tools.

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Automate Operations for IaC

Operationalize your infrastructure to reduce manual work and prevent zombie infrastructure proactively. Quali Torque allows admins to pre-schedule automated launch and shutdown for the cloud VMs defined in your IaC configurations, reducing redundant operational tasks and eliminating the risk that infrastructure runs longer than it needs to.

lifecycle automation for continuous devops testing environments

Drift Detection & Policies

Maintain configurations across tools and repositories. Quali Torque notifies admins about configuration drift within IaC resources and enforces custom policies to prevent unapproved infrastructure, such as oversized instances, public cloud storage, and unapproved services–giving your admins the peace of mind that all infrastructure deployed is up to date and in line with the latest standards.

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