Automate & Scale Your Complex Infrastructure

Manually provisioning complex infrastructure and environments can bring your workflows grinding to a halt. Quali CloudShell turns your infrastructure into low-code and no-code building blocks that you can drag-and-drop to launch complete environments in minutes.

Is Manual Provisioning Slowing Your Teams Down?

Outdated infrastructure provisioning and environment orchestration processes can take days or weeks to complete, holding up critical workflows and extending project timelines.

Accelerate Your Workflows with Easy-to-Use Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

Eliminate redundant manual work with reusable definitions of your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructure assets.

Self-Service Access

Cut out the bottlenecks with democratized access to launch complete environments on-demand via self service.

Continuous Management

Monitor usage and maintain your reusable blueprints to keep all infrastructure your teams deploy up to date.

See How Quali CloudShell Automates Your Infrastructure

Drag & Drop Infrastructure

Create reusable definitions of your on-premises and cloud infrastructure assets. Drag and drop into automation-ready templates defining complete environments to support your unique use cases.

Reusable Environments

Orchestrate once and deploy repeatedly. Design and maintain reusable blueprints for your most complex environments so your teams won’t need to orchestrate them manually every time they’re needed.

Self-Service Access

Give your developers, testers, and other end users self-service access to deploy the environments they need on-demand, with detailed instructions on how to use the infrastructure and role-based access controls to prevent unauthorized changes to your configurations.

Lifecycle Automation

Accelerate your workflows and prevent zombie infrastructure with automated deployment, orchestration, and teardown of your environments to align with your teams’ needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While Quali’s CloudShell will help make reusable assets for your infrastructure, Quali’s Torque platform will also import and automatically configure blueprints for environments based on the infrastructure as code scripts, Helm Charts, and native Kubernetes manifests in your Git repositories.

You can learn more about Quali Torque here.

Yes. Quali CloudShell comes with an out-of-the-box dashboard to provide insights into user, resource, and reservation statistics.

CloudShell models and deploys hybrid infrastructure in a single environment, c/w inventory management, and advanced network configurations (L1-L3).

Yes. CloudShell provides advanced capabilities for device scheduling, reservations, sharing, and queuing by availability.

A Shell provides CloudShell users a standard approach to interact with and automate different environment elements, like physical devices and virtual applications. Shells are open source and based on Python. In the CloudShell community, users can find certified, out-of-box Shells for common technologies. Users can also create new Shells independently based on existing standards using our Developer guide, and can share them for the rest of the CloudShell community to use.

CloudShell supports configurable RBAC and IAM using Active Directory, LDAP, and Single Sign-on.