Track & Optimize Cloud Costs Across Platforms

Quali Torque detects waste, automates governance, and tracks cloud costs based on real-time resource deployments by user, team, and function.

Are You Missing Opportunities to Cut Cloud Costs?

Infrastructure provisioning and cost management tools lack the real-time context and control to align costs with operations.

Quali customers have cut wasted cloud costs by as much as 50%

Visibility with Context

As a control plane for cloud infrastructure, Quali Torque calculates cloud costs based on real-time deployments by team, user, and other relevant data–providing proactive visibility to show who is responsible for your biggest cost drivers.

Cost-Savings Recommendations

Quali Torque continuously monitors your teams’ deployed cloud infrastructure, identifies those which are going unused, and calculates the potential cost savings from terminating those resources so your teams can evaluate and act on opportunities to eliminate waste proactively.

Automated Policy Enforcement

As a control plane for cloud infrastructure, Quali Torque prevents waste proactively by denying cloud resource deployments that violate your policies and automatically terminating cloud services when they’re no longer needed.

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Pre-Configured Environments

Reduce the risk that misconfigured or unapproved infrastructure drives up cloud costs. Quali Torque creates reusable definitions for multi-cloud environments that end users can deploy repeatedly on-demand via role-based self-service, reducing the manual provisioning that can lead to oversized resources and preventing any modifications that are not approved by your infrastructure experts.

Track & Forecast Costs

Understand who uses cloud infrastructure and for what purpose. Quali Torque tracks costs for cloud infrastructure based on the team who deployed it and the project it supports so you can understand ROI and fix anomalies proactively.

Detect Savings Opportunities

Prevent unnecessary cloud operations proactively. Quali Torque monitors all cloud resources deployed via the platform and detects those that are inactive, providing insights to eliminate wasted cloud spend without disrupting your team’s operations.

Custom Policies as Code

Enforce standards across clouds, IaC configurations, and Kubernetes resources. Quali Torque automatically tags all cloud services your teams deploy and allows you to set custom policies to deny deployments that drive up unnecessary costs, such as cloud instance sizes and thresholds for expected cloud costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Torque platform allows you to determine who can create environments and modify infrastructure, and who can only view and deploy the environments. This includes restrictions on who can set maximum duration for an environment runtime or who can apply or change the tag to an environment before launching. Torque draws the line between those who orchestrate environments and those who consume them.

Quali Torque enforces governance automatically by denying the launch of cloud infrastructure that violates those policies.

Since Torque serves as the control layer for users to launch infrastructure–whether directly through the Torque catalog or via integrations with developers tools or CI/CD platforms–the platform can ensure that everything your teams deploy adheres to your policies.

If anyone attempts to deploy an environment that violates your policy, Torque will deny the action and notify the user about the specific violation they need to correct in order to move ahead with the program.

Torque comes with out-of-the-box policies based on Open Policy Agent. Admins can activate individual policies to allow or deny activity that doesn’t adhere to your standards, including launching specific cloud platforms or services, instance types, or configurations.

Admins can choose to apply these policies to all users in their Torque account or to individual Spaces, which can be tailored to support specific teams or infrastructure.

This allows your teams to run the cloud infrastructure they need, when they need it–while denying anything that will lead to waste.

Torque serves as a control layer for cloud infrastructure. Users can launch pre-configured application environments, such as development, testing, or staging environments, based on Infrastructure as Code which is managed by Torque.

Users can launch these environments via Torque’s native self-service catalog or integrations with developer tools (IDE, CLI) and CI/CD platforms.

Since Torque initiates the creation and termination of these resources, the platform calculates and displays cloud costs continuously. This allows Torque users to understand cloud cost consumption as infrastructure is deployed, as opposed to relying on retroactive billing data.

Torque also tracks who initiates the creation of these resources and provides reports showing the individual users and teams responsible for cloud costs.

These reports provide a proactive view into cost consumption with the business context to understand its justification.

Torque continuously monitors the cloud resources deployed via the platform for signs of activity.

When Torque identifies cloud resources that have been deployed but are inactive, it calculates the potential cost savings of terminating those resources. This helps our customers eliminate waste by shutting down and preventing cloud infrastructure that aren’t supporting active workloads.

The Inactivity dashboard aggregates all of these opportunities and provides insights into trends based on resource activity so admins can review and prioritize measures to optimize cloud costs for infrastructure managed by Torque.

No. Quali Torque supports FinOps teams by providing operational insights and guardrails to identify and implement cloud cost savings opportunities.

Traditional FinOps tools leverage cloud billing data and provide insights into reduce costs via opportunities in pricing models and cloud platforms.

Quali Torque is an orchestration and deployment platform that automates how technology and engineering teams deliver and operate cloud infrastructure.

Since the platform manages the lifecycle of the infrastructure, it provides visibility into costs based on operations managed via the platform–as well as control over those operations.

This includes visibility by the users and teams responsible, recommendations to optimize costs by eliminating waste, and continuous governance to deny cloud resource deployments that lead to unnecessary costs. This focus on operations is especially useful for teams that work across multiple public cloud platforms and hybrid cloud environments, since it starts from the user and environment that the cloud infrastructure supports.

Many of our users leverage Torque’s reporting, automation, and governance capabilities in tandem with a FinOps tool to optimize operational expenses from cloud infrastructure.

Some of the most common challenges with cost reporting involve allocating usage to the team’s responsible and understanding how it impacts ROI and profitability for specific applications.

Accomplishing this with the cost reporting tools offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) and third-party FinOps organizations often relies on tags applied to cloud instances. However, tagging is often a manual process that can be prone to errors. Missing tags, typos, or even minor changes in formatting can create blindspots that obstruct the view of cost efficiency.

Quali Torque allows admins to set tags at a central level and apply them to the infrastructure that end users deploy automatically. This eliminates the manual tagging process, making it easier to group costs based on team and project via tools like AWS Cost Explorer or those delivered by FinOps organizations.

Torque’s automation and governance capabilities also help our customers act on anomalies identified via CSP and FinOps reporting tools by pre-scheduling automated shutdown of cloud instances and enforcing governance standards to prevent oversized or misconfigured cloud services.

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