Control & Optimize Cloud Costs Seamless policies & granular visibility to eliminate wasteful cloud spend without slowing your teams down.

Pre-configured infrastructure blueprints allow your teams to deploy the exact environments they need—and nothing that they don’t.

Embed Cost Controls & Tracking Across All Cloud Infrastructure

Pre-Configured Environments

Torque orchestrates repeatable blueprints for complete environments, with role-based access controls to prevent unauthorized users from launching over-sized cloud instances or modifying configurations in any way.

Kubernetes IaC orchestration automation

Self-Service Deployment

If developers are forced to wait for access to infrastructure, they’ll find workarounds. Cut down on shadow IT with blueprints for complete environments pre-configured to meet your users’ specific needs, accessible on-demand via Torque’s secure self-service portal and integrated within the CI/CD and ITSM tools they already use.

Custom Usage Policies

Standardize your teams’ cloud usage automatically. Set role-based access controls over who can build or modify environments, automate shutdown after a maximum duration, and apply custom policies to prohibit unauthorized cloud resources.

Granular Cost Reporting

Allocate costs and usage to teams, projects, or applications. Torque automatically tags infrastructure based on custom inputs and maps usage to business context so you can understand who used it and why.

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Accelerate Delivery While Optimizing Cloud Costs Standardize cloud usage and cost visibility without slowing your teams down.

Empower your developers and end users with on-demand access to the infrastructure they need with built-in deployment guardrails to prevent unnecessary cloud costs.

Balancing Cost Optimization & Productivity

Give your teams the exact level of control over infrastructure that they need to operate more efficiently.
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Integrate cost visibility and controls into your infrastructure provisioning processes

DevOps, IT, & Architects

Automatically provision environments while managing access and usage across cloud accounts, services, and configurations.

Devs, Testers, & Other Users

Self-service access to complete environments pre-configured to support your needs and adhere to cloud cost policies.

Leadership & Management

Allocate cloud costs to the team, project, or any other variable you need to calculate ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Torque platform allows you to determine who can create environments and modify infrastructure, and who can only view and deploy the environments. This includes restrictions on who can set maximum duration for an environment runtime or who can apply or change the tag to an environment before launching. Torque draws the line between those who orchestrate environments and those who consume them.

Quali Torque’s policies are based on Open Policy Agent. Admins can set individual policies to allow or prohibit activity that doesn’t adhere to your standards, including launching specific cloud platforms or services, instance types, or configurations.

Admins can choose to apply these policies to all users in their Torque account or to individual Spaces, which can be tailored to support specific teams or infrastructure.

Torque restricts users from launching any infrastructure that violates these policies and notifies admins if they attempt to.

Torque manages environments via repeatable blueprints containing all the infrastructure assets, services, and dependencies needed to launch that environment.

Blueprints also support tags, which Torque admins can customize. Torque applies these tags to all environments launched via each blueprint, and displays costs over time based on those tags. This allows users to track costs based on tags that align with the teams, projects, applications, or other parameter that is most useful to them.

Based on this data, your teams can track return on investment in cloud services, identify opportunities to optimize costs, and apply optimization efforts at the blueprint level to ensure all environments follow suit.

Blueprints also display the estimated cost to operate each blueprint, providing visibility to the end user before they launch each environment and helping to educate your teams about the financial implications of their workloads.

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