Orchestrate & Manage Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Provisioning and managing infrastructure across cloud platforms can be complex and time-consuming. Quali Torque orchestrates your existing cloud configurations and containerized infrastructure into reusable assets that you can deliver and optimize continuously.

Is Multi-Cloud Complexity Slowing Your Teams Down?

Orchestration and management across multiple clouds often requires manual work that slows your teams down and creates risk.

It’s Time to Normalize Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Automated Orchestration

Import your cloud configurations into reusable definitions for complete environments that can be launched repeatedly.

Democratized Cloud Access

Create role-based self-service access so end users can launch the infrastructure they need on-demand.

Continuous Optimization

Monitor usage, set policies, and automate workflows to optimize costs and prevent security risks.

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Automated Orchestration

Eliminate the redundant manual work required to deliver the multi-cloud infrastructure your end users need. Quali Torque leverages your existing cloud configurations and containerized infrastructure to automatically build reusable definitions of all the services needed to support specific use cases–regardless of the cloud platforms, Infrastructure as Code tools, or Kubernetes resources used to support those services.

Developer Self-Service

Democratize secure end-user access to all cloud infrastructure. Quali Torque’s self-service catalog allows end users to deploy pre-configured infrastructure on-demand, perform Day-2 actions on cloud VMs as needed, and integrate with the CI/CD, IDP, or other operational tools they prefer. Role-based permissions and approval workflows prevent any configurations or operations that your infrastructure experts do not approve.

deploy continuous testing environments for devops

Seamless Governance & Management

Enforce custom cloud cost and security guardrails seamlessly. Quali Torque will prohibit anyone from deploying infrastructure that violates your custom policies on allowed cloud services, instance sizes, or expected costs. Automated workflows allow admins to automate the launch and shutdown of cloud VMs based on a daily schedule to eliminate manual work and prevent zombie infrastructure proactively.

Cross-Cloud Cost Visibility

Don’t wait for the cloud bill to understand how budget and infrastructure is being used. Quali Torque tracks and forecasts cloud costs based on your configurations and the activity among the teams that use them, allowing you to identify the users and projects behind your biggest cost drivers in real-time.

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