Your Complex Infrastructure, Delivered Faster & More Securely

Automation to simplify how you deliver and manage complex infrastructure–regardless of where it lives.

Is Complex Infrastructure Holding Your Teams Back?

Manual provisioning and decentralized infrastructure can slow down your workflows, drive up costs, and expose you to security risks.

Disparate Technologies & Assets

Provisioning infrastructure across different sources and technologies requires complex manual work that slows your teams down.

End User Access Delays

Developers, testers, and other end users are forced to wait days or weeks to access infrastructure and have few options to integrate within their operational tools.

Configuration Chaos

Manually provisioning across disparate tools makes it difficult to track and standardize configurations to maintain quality, prevent security risks, and keep costs in control.

Infrastructure should be easier to build and use. With Quali, it is.

Automation for Builders

Automatically orchestrate & reuse complex environments regardless of the tools used to define individual configurations.

Self-Service for End Users

Give end users role-based access to launch infrastructure pre-configured for their unique use cases on-demand.

Optimization for Leadership

Understand usage, automate operations, and enforce custom standards to optimize your infrastructure.

So, How Does it Work?

Discover & Orchestrate

No need to learn a new coding language or build new cloud configurations. Quali imports the IaC configurations and Kubernetes resources in your Git repositories–while also allowing you to define any other cloud or on-premises infrastructure assets–and automatically orchestrates a reusable definition of all the infrastructure, services, dependencies, and other components for your unique workloads.

Democratize Secure Access

Eliminate ticket requests and wait times for the infrastructure your teams need. Quali supports role-based access permissions so developers, testers, and other end users can launch pre-configured infrastructure on-demand via self-service and options to integrate with their CI/CD, IDP, or other operational tools.

Standardize & Manage

End the infrastructure chaos. Quali allows admins to create custom policies to prevent unapproved cloud services or configurations, schedule workflows to automate deployment and teardown of cloud infrastructure as needed, and detect and reconcile drift and other unexpected changes to configurations.

Track & Forecast Costs

Understand how your cloud budget is used. Quali empowers administrators to forecast and track cloud costs based on the teams and projects responsible for them so you can better understand ROI and address anomalies proactively.

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