Easily create self-service, on-demand environments in minutes, not months!

Cut cloud costs, optimize infrastructure utilization, and increase productivity with Environment as a Service (EaaS)
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Environment as a Service Solutions for

Slash your Dev/Test and lab infrastructure
cost by 61%

Accelerate your enterprise sales
cycles by 22%

Scale DevOps 3x with self-service application environments

Spin up training and test environments
in under 1 minute

Intelligent Automation and Orchestration

Blueprint, model, and deploy on-demand, self-service, sandbox environments for labs, data centers, and hybrid cloud.

Speed Up IT Modernization

Lab Automation
Lab Automation

Increase efficiency. Lower Costs. Transform your network, dev/test, demo/PoC, and support labs into self-service private clouds.

DevOps and CI/CD
DevOps and CI/CD

Release faster. Automate deployment of application and infrastructure environments for DevOps and CI/CD.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Deliver self-service access to hybrid cloud resources while maintaining control and reducing costs.

Network Transformation
Network Transformation

Accelerate SDN and NFV onboarding. Quickly build network certification clouds to speed validation of vendor devices and technologies.

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Move to next generation application architectures like containers and microservices while ensuring legacy application support.

Cyber Ranges
Cyber Ranges

Reduce the effort required to achieve comprehensive security compliances and make cyber training more accessible.

Benefits of CloudShell

  • Deliver physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure faster

  • Control VM sprawl. Cut cloud costs by 30%

  • Slash Dev/Test and lab infrastructure costs by 60%

  • Accelerate software releases while improving quality

  • Ensure environment consistency with infrastructure as code

  • Improve team productivity

Watch an Overview

See how CloudShell helps IT and Ops drive architectural transformation, developers and testers get easier access to Dev & Test resources, network teams onboard NFV and SDN solutions faster, security professionals achieve better compliance, and DevOps teams achieve continuous testing for faster releases.
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Ready to get started?

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