Orchestrate & Operate Your IaC & Kubernetes Infrastructure

Provisioning and managing infrastructure across cloud platforms and IaC tools is complex. Quali Torque automates orchestration across IaC and Kubernetes so you can accelerate deployment, optimize costs, and understand how cloud infrastructure is used.

Don’t Let Complex Infrastructure Slow Your Teams Down

Even teams with advanced Infrastructure as Code and Kubernetes resources often struggle to build, manage, and govern their most complex infrastructure at scale.

Disparate Tools & Resources

Provisioning infrastructure defined in multiple IaC, Kubernetes, and other resources requires complex manual work that creates bottlenecks for infrastructure teams.

Limited Access for End Users

Long wait times and limited access to operate infrastructure can frustrate end users, delay project timelines, and increase the risk of shadow IT.

Configuration Chaos

Lack of standards and control make it difficult to keep configurations up to date, prevent security risks, and optimize cloud costs.

It’s Time to Automate Your Complex Infrastructure

Automate Orchestration

Create reusable definitions of complete environments consisting of multiple IaC configurations & Kubernetes resources.

Democratize Cloud Access

Give end users role-based self-service access to launch the pre-configured environments they need on-demand.

Standardize Configurations

Set custom configuration policies and automation schedules to optimize costs, operations, and security proactively.

Take a Closer Look to See How it Works

Automated Orchestration

Put an end to redundant manual orchestration for infrastructure. Quali Torque imports the resources from your Git repository and automatically orchestrates a reusable YAML defining all the infrastructure and dependencies to support your unique use cases–regardless of the Infrastructure as Code or Kubernetes tools used to configure them.

Self-Service Access

Distribute role-based access to the cloud infrastructure your teams need. Developers, testers, and other end users can launch pre-configured environments repeatedly on-demand via Quali Torque’s self-service catalog and integrations with the CI/CD, IDP, and other tools they already use.

Management & Governance

Prevent wasted cloud costs and security risks proactively. Quali Torque enforces custom policies for cloud infrastructure and configurations, automatically deploys and terminates your cloud VMs based on a custom schedule, and monitors for configuration drift or other unexpected changes that could disrupt your teams’ workloads.

Forecast & Track Cloud Costs

Get proactive about cloud cost optimization. Quali Torque automatically tags all cloud instances your teams deploy and aggregates cost data based on team, project, or other custom parameters so you can understand ROI and address cost anomalies before you receive the cloud bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quali’s Torque is intended to help you get more out of your Infrastructure as Code files.

After recognizing that our customers spent most of their time manually configuring multiple IaC and containerized assets into complete environments, we designed Torque to automate that process so they can spend their time more productively.

Torque ingests Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, and Kubernetes assets directly from your Git repositories, allows you to select the assets you need for a given environment, then automatically orchestrates a ready-to-run environment based on those assets.

These environments are wrapped in YAML that makes them repeatable, so developers, testers, and other end users can deploy them as many times as needed. This also allows you to set policies and make updates centrally that will be reflected in the YAML every time your end users deploy the environment.

Think of Torque as the control plane for your infrastructure assets.

Yes, we encourage it! Our most successful users automate the orchestration of complete environments that may contain multiple Terraform scripts, CloudFormation assets, Helm Charts, or Kubernetes manifests so they don’t have to do it manually.

Currently Torque ingests assets from Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Helm, and native Kubernetes—with additional types on our product roadmap.

Quali’s Torque will help your teams prevent unnecessary costs while also tracking the total costs of the infrastructure your teams do consume.

Our users create blueprints for the complete environments their teams need. Role-based access controls prevent anyone without the proper permissions from modifying the infrastructure or configurations set within the blueprint. Maximum duration allows admins to pre-set runtimes, after which Torque will automatically terminate the environment. And policies based on Open Policy Agent allow admins to prohibit specific infrastructure, such as VM sizes or cloud services, that may not be allowed.

Torque’s cost reporting is based on tags. Torque automatically tags each environment based on inputs, which admins can modify as needed. This allows you to tag environments based on the team, project, application, or any other custom input, then allocate those costs back to that input. This provides more granular visibility based on your team’s activity, as opposed to just the line items for the cloud services that appear on the cloud service provider’s bill.

Yes! Our customers rely on Quali CloudShell as a low-code/no-code tool for provisioning infrastructure and launching environments based on on-premises infrastructure.

Quali’s Torque infrastructure automation platform received SoC 2 Type II compliance certification following a thorough audit by a multinational professional services network and independent third-party auditor.

The SOC 2 reporting framework, created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), sets benchmarks for managing user data. Achieving SOC 2 Type II compliance ensures current and future Quali customers that they have the proper security, privacy, and compliance controls in place to protect and manage its users’ data.

Torque includes out-of-the-box plugins and an extensive REST API for your existing CI/CD and DevOps tools, enabling you to automate the entire lifecycle of your environments directly from your own release pipeline. This allows you to automate the deployment of an environment when needed and automate the teardown when it is not.

Still have questions? Our team is here to help