Modernize your labs to boost utilization and speed release times

Limited access to network environments slows your teams down. Transform your labs by automating manual tasks so your teams can develop, test, and release new technologies with cloud-like efficiency.

Why CloudShell for Network Dev/Test Teams?

Drag & Drop Network Environments – Without Coding

Engineers can assemble environments with common building blocks—in minutes, not months. Set custom guardrails so engineers work within your standards without sacrificing speed or productivity.

Single-Click Self-Service Access For Engineers

Teams gain secure, remote access to ready-to-use environments through an intuitive portal from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Full Lifecycle Environment Automation

From automated network environment setup all the way to teardown, users get a true, cloud-like experience for heterogenous environments wherever they’re located.

Complete Visibility to Optimize Lab Utilization

With CloudShell, Dev/test teams control the lab seamlessly with views and analytics into which resources are being utilized and for what purpose—at the chassis, blade, and port level. Optimize and prioritize without creating bottlenecks.

From Dell EMC Networking

From Dell EMC Networking

“…With CloudShell, users can build and manage topologies built from test-bed devices in the lab or pre-made templates…We can find equipment that is no longer used, and retire it from our finance depreciation schedule, thereby eliminating the need to add additional costly lab infrastructure. There's nothing out there like Quali.” - Joe Saunders, Sr. DevOps Engineer

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How to Modernize your Network Lab with CloudShell

To get the most out of CloudShell, we've compiled some of most common questions, articles, and topics from our Community. Check it out to learn more.

Yes! Quali supports heterogenous environments, from physical equipment in on-premise labs to remote and public cloud infrastructure. End users enjoy a seamless experience.

Yes. The integrations (called ‘shells’) are open source, and you can add your own independently. Check out the community integrations page here

Yes. Quali can make consolidating labs smooth and efficient. It provides users with a consistent, cloud-like, self-service experience on any lab infrastructure—anywhere and anytime.