Empower Developers to Operate Infrastructure Securely

Redundant ticket requests and manual provisioning processes lead to long wait times and limited access to infrastructure for developers. Quali Torque empowers developers, testers, and other end users to launch and operate the infrastructure they need on-demand via self-service.

DevOps automation with Quali Torque

Stop Waiting for the Infrastructure You Need

Developers and other end users often rely on infrastructure experts to provision their infrastructure, creating bottlenecks that delay project timelines and lead to shadow IT.

Lengthy Wait Times

Redundant ticketing systems and manual orchestration create a bottleneck in infrastructure provisioning that drags out release timelines and hurts ROI.

Limited Access

Once infrastructure is delivered, end users are often unable to operate cloud services as needed or integrate infrastructure into their operational tools, further dragging down productivity.

Performance Issues

Out-of-date infrastructure and misconfigured cloud services lead to poor-performing infrastructure that diminishes product quality.

It’s Time to Democratize Access for End Users

Automation & Scalability

Automate orchestration and make infrastructure reusable to eliminate the bottlenecks that slow your teams down.

Self-Service & Integrations

Create role-based access so end users can deploy infrastructure via self-service and within their CI/CD and other tools.

Day-2 Actions & Workflows

Empower end users to operate cloud VMs on-demand and schedule workflows to automate operations.

Take a Closer Look at Developer Experience with Quali Torque

Self-Service Catalog

Give developers, testers, and other end users instant access to the infrastructure they need, when they need it. Quali Torque’s self-service catalog gives end users on-demand access to infrastructure that was pre-configured to support their specific use cases and approved by their internal infrastructure experts.

Day-2 Actions & Automation

Run environments when needed, shut down when not. Quali Torque allows end users to perform actions on the cloud VMs they need on demand. Workflows enable admins to pre-schedule when VMs should launch and when they should power-off, while custom approval thresholds allow admins to increase oversight as needed.

Integrations & Lifecycle Automation

Make the infrastructure lifecycle part of your standard operational processes. Quali Torque supports integrations with CI/CD, IDPs, and other operational tools so your end users can leverage the infrastructure they need without straying from their day-to-day workflows.

CICD integration IaC

RBAC & Governance

Ease the burden on your infrastructure teams without sacrificing control over configurations. Quali Torque enforces role-based permissions so end users can operate infrastructure without the ability to modify configurations, and supports custom cloud usage policies to prevent any activity that violates your cost or security standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our Torque platform allows you to determine who can create environments and modify infrastructure, and who can only view and deploy the environments. This includes restrictions on who can set maximum duration for an environment runtime or who can apply or change the tag to an environment before launching. Torque draws the line between those who orchestrate environments and those who consume them.

Quali’s Torque is not intended to replace Terraform for scripting. In fact, Torque embraces and extends the value of your existing Terraform scripts.

The Torque platform is designed to help our users seamlessly and safely access and rapidly deploy their existing Terraform scripts. Torque is unique for its ability to automatically identify and map multiple configuration types (Terraform, Helm, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and vCenter) into a single repeatable blueprint. This eliminates the manual work required to configure Terraform scripts to work alongside Helm Charts or Kubernetes manifests, while also making those complete environments repeatable.

Further, Torque ties Terraform-configured infrastructure elements to business context–who owns it, operates it, its purpose, the application and/or business that it enables, and what the infrastructure costs to operate.

Think of Quali’s Torque as a unified control plane for all your infrastructure assets.

The Torque platform was designed to enhance your existing workflows. That means automating the entire lifecycle of environments directly where–and when–they’re needed. Torque will automatically deploy the right environment at the onset of a new stage of the CI/CD pipeline, then shut that environment down after that stage is complete. Torque currently support deployment on infrastructure within Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and CircleCI.

Yes. With Torque, infrastructure teams can enforce security and compliance by configuring environment blueprints with secrets and cloud account credentials securely embedded (and invisible to the user) to conform to policies that mitigate business risk. Torque’s policy engine, powered by Open Policy Agent (OPA), can embed guidelines for user access, cost, usage, and governance into the infrastructure provisioning process.

Quali’s Torque supports policies based on Open Policy Agent. Those with Admin permissions can set individual policies to allow or prohibit activity that doesn’t adhere to your standards, including launching specific cloud platforms or services, instance types, or configurations such as public AWS S3 buckets.

Admins can choose to apply these policies to all users in their Torque account or to apply to individual Spaces, which can be tailored to support specific teams or infrastructure.

Torque can automate the orchestration of a new environment in minutes. Torque allows you to discover and import infrastructure definitions directly from your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories, then automatically orchestrates a YAML file consisting of the specific assets you choose to import. This eliminates manual provisioning tasks that often slow the process down, and makes those environments repeatable so you can launch them any time you will need them in the future.

Quali’s Torque allows you to view the underlying infrastructure within your entire environment. This level of introspection allows you to verify that the environment is built and configured to meet your specific needs before you deploy.

Torque also detects application drift in your infrastructure assets automatically, and notifies admins in the event of any unexpected changes that may disrupt the environment. These notifications include details on the specific change so your infrastructure admins can resolve the issue rapidly.

Those who integrate their environments with a CI/CD or ITSM tool can carry out their day-to-day tasks with the peace of mind that all their environments are up to date and managed continuously.

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