Scale & Automate Managed Services to Maximize Profitability

Accelerate operations while minimizing wasted OpEx with continuously managed blueprints for your customers’ multi-cloud and hybrid cloud workloads.

Why Partner with Quali?

Leverage Quali’s platforms and expertise to solve your customers’ most pressing infrastructure challenges.

So, How Does it Work?

Multi-Platform Support

Leverage your customers’ existing resource configurations to create reusable blueprints for ready-to-run environments, regardless of the platforms or tools used to define individual cloud services.

Developer Experience

Empower your customers to run multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments regardless of their expertise in infrastructure tools or technology. Quali Torque democratizes secure, role-based access to deploy pre-configured cloud resources supporting their workloads directly within the tools they prefer.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Allow your customers to deploy cloud resources that fit within budget while denying activity that does not. Set automation and policies to prevent idle, over-sized, and other cloud resources that lead to waste proactively.

Real-Time Cloud Visibility

Track costs and activity based on real-time resource deployments instead of retroactive billing data so you can resolve anomalies and prevent wasted OpEx proactively.

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